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Author Topic: Checked Esty Lately?  (Read 3039 times)

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« on: April 10, 2013, 20:32 »
Boy was I surprised to find over a dozen different uses for my stolen art. Esty takes a hands off approach meaning they expect you to search for your files being used. Good luck with that, I have a series that people love to steal and sell and claim to be the artist and it is so identifiable that it is easy to search for, so I can find the jerks out there. But the other two thousand drawings I did are probably the same and I will never find them, if your a photographer it would be hard to sort though the thousands of pages with similar content. I am starting to hate companies that want to make money and don't want to be responsible for their content in any way. I mean before I found the image thanks to a fan I didn't know that ESTY would be somewhere I would be forced to visit regularly to find my own images they also prefer you contact the members your self directly.
So in the end I feel like an idiot for dreaming that I could draw people would buy it I could draw more, I could eat regular and stuff, I am a fool for ever uploading my images to be for sale, and now I am stuck with the obsession of defending my images rights. This image has earned me 45 dollars it took me a year, I find it everywhere. I want to not be filled with anger, yoga helps but I have to pay for it, I wish my images came with a tax for thieves so I could pay for my therapy.
I have sent this company a take down message for two years they just figure out a new way to sell it


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« Reply #3 on: July 23, 2013, 09:20 »
It's Etsy, not Esty.

But yeah, image theft and copyright infringement are tough to deal with.


« Reply #4 on: July 23, 2013, 11:48 »

Etsy is turning into a copyright infringement safe haven. How some of this stuff gets on the site is amazing to me. I'm seeing well-known band logos (Led Zeppelin among others), cartoon characters, other company logos, etc.

And of course lots of stock images that shouldn't be resold. Just reported some of my stuff.


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The only site I know of that cares is Zazzle, they are close to anal about it. The lot are all  turning a blind eye just to get that juicy $teak on the table. If you send stuff to a printer and you check if its pixel perfect for printing, you might as well check for copyright while you are at it.


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Is there ever a legit reason someone might be selling stuff with stock images on Etsy? Do any of the well-known stock sites permit resale in the license?

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Is there ever a legit reason someone might be selling stuff with stock images on Etsy? Do any of the well-known stock sites permit resale in the license?

that is interesting, an EL allow resale but as a product, so a buyer getting an EL might be allowed to resale it on a market perhaps, why not online? hope someone jumps in and clears this matter :)


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