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Thieves or sluts?

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Just found some of my work on this site (https://oboitd.ru/catalog). Unfortunately without a source or copyright notice, but with false names.
Is it a known thief or was only the source information lost?
Any Russian experts in the forum?

That looks like a (printed) wallpaper shop, nothing to download there that I can see, the manufacturers of the wallpapers should have bought the licenses.

A lot of my images can be found in such wallpaper shops. I don't think they buy the licences before someone actually orders a wallpaper with said image.

Many thanks for the reply.

But where did they get my image with a relatively high resolution without watermark?
Why is the author or source of a license not mentioned?

It all smells like fraud ... doesn't it? :-\

The site looks legit, so if they have something of yours up there, it's a mistake.  Contact them and let them know they need to take it down.


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