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But in microstock there is another layer as we're not selling our images directly to customers. We sell through microstock agencies. In this case, what do you think that drives prices down between too many images and too many agencies? I mean image's price, not our sales.

Anyway, one thing is quite for sure, once the price is down, it's virtually impossible to go back up since customers have gotten used to it.

One things for sure - there laughing all the way to the bank! The only alternative is to cut out the middleman. Meaning everyone join forces, and take our images with us. Its the only way its ever going to change.

No crap sherlock ;-). I think it was John Locke who first twigged this in 1691

Yeah, maybe more from a philosophical point of view.
Adam Smith and "The Wealth of Nations", published in 1776, is considered the father of classical economics with his "Invisible Hand" and the principles begin the free market economy. But that's a difficult book, it's hard to follow, even if you get the audio version.

I would recommend to start first with this audiobook and fill some gaps:

A Little History of Economics

Thanks;) i'll have a listen to this too. Its good to know.


[/quote] what puzzles me are the number of tiny agencies limping along...and more so the start ups who think there is still money to be made from a simple "me too" agency.

Anyone can be a busy fool. Heck, i can build and design my own stock photography website and try to compete on price with the big boys.....but i wont. Its stupid :)


But yeah, that discovery came a few hundred years late. Don't they teach that in secondary school?

yeah i think they do teach that in secondary school. But its easy to forget and you end up living in cloud cuckoo land :)

Seriously though if you haven't been aware of the continual discussion on here about supply and demand you really have been asleep.

Your right - i have been asleep. Well ive been away from stock for a few years as i started up my own offline business several years ago. I was making nice earnings with my stock images....but what i have noticed is - if you stop uploading your earnings gradually dwindle down to nothing.

I was wanting to get back into it but the competition is incredible compared to a few years back.

No crap sherlock ;-). I think it was John Locke who first twigged this in 1691

ha ha thanks for the sarcasm much appreciated. However, some of us (me included) may keep hoping things will get better. This book is a wake up call for people who don't want to face reality....

its not new info, but theres a lot to be learned from this book :)

General Stock Discussion / Basic Economics - Supply & Demand
« on: April 24, 2018, 08:53 »
According to this book - https://www.audible.co.uk/pd/Business/Oversubscribed-Audiobook/B013KCG5DA?ref=a_typ_c1_lProduct_0_1&pf_rd_p=276381e6-3040-42a3-b411-51a3a26c7603&pf_rd_r=B6001W3FP9H6V4YFDXRR&

supply and demand is the key to making money. We all know the stock photography business is saturated by photographers, artists, etc. Driving prices down. so whats the alternative?

Well worth a listen to this book.

I think you've already answered your own question. Sheer volume and availability. It's a question we're all faced with to some extent. For myself I've been actively focusing on direct client work and so far it's working out very well. I just don't see a sustainable future in micro any longer. As you say, the law of diminishing returns makes growth virtually impossible for most today. The way I see it the future of microstock will be split between the big factory producers and the hobbyists. And by hobbyist I don't mean sub par or second rate, I just mean anyone who does not need the income from micro to survive.

This is my opinion exactly. Thats why i was looking into POD sites as an alternative, however i hear thats even worse. Time to work direct with clients i think....thats where you will get the best return on your time investment.

For me stocks generate far more income than these print sites.

By what standard is pretty decent? more than $500 per month?



I'd agree with pauws that there's an end, especially to 50% growth. It's like a Ponzi scheme. Eventually it starts to collapse and the pyramid only has a few at the peak, supported by the many people on the bottom.

This makes perfect sense to me.

Heck, you could make more money cleaning windows!

That depends on what you're better at.

Thats true. How well do you do with your sales? Are you making decent numbers?

Depends on how sellable your images are as art. I make way more selling art and stock photos direct.

I removed all of my travel images and only sell through my own website as RM or prints, and through a couple other places like FAA. Having images on both micro and art sites you're competing against yourself. If a buyer does an internet search and finds your $30 print on FAA and also for a $1 on micro they will buy the micro image and go print it at Walmart for another $1. You make 30 cents instead of $15.

Ah-ha very good point! Your own website will pull in casual searches and will avoid the stock groups. Im not overly fussed about microstock anymore. It just seems more work for less money. Heck, you could make more money cleaning windows!


Thats a bummer. Better off having your own website then and driving traffic there.

I quite too after 3 years and no sale.

No sale after 3 years! were you uploading art or random photographs? Personally i think people go there for art...

I quit after one year and three sales there  :o

Not worth the effort then hun? Geez i didnt know it was that bad!

Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.

Hi all, im just doing some research. Has anyone considered avoiding the stock sites and solely concentrating on selling printed goods via print on demand sites?

Benefits are, higher payout per sale. Much less of a risk of image theft.

negatives are - have to do own marketing. Drive people to your own website to make sales.

Has anyone done this successfully?

I started about 6 months ago there and have zero sales so far.

I started 6 years ago and have the same number of sales as you.

Is this a serious answer? My god if it is you just saved me a hell of a lot of wasted time. I was just thinking of going in strictly with printed merchandise and painted art.

Fine Art America is a site for "Artists".
Are you an "Artist"?

Is this a serious answer? My god if it is you just saved me a hell of a lot of wasted time. I was just thinking of going in strictly with printed merchandise and painted art.

Is this really what people are working for? Crumbs? Heck, might as well do it for free. Its a sad state of affairs.

CanStockPhoto.com / Re: Can Stock Blowing Up!
« on: February 22, 2011, 20:15 »
i just started uploading to canstock aswell - fast review times! lets give the little guys a break and give the tight fisted agencies a kick up the butt for slashing earnings!

what about animations? can anyone comment about how well there animations do?

hi all, I've been doing stock for 4 years now and have made some decent money from it. i really enjoy creating my illustrations, but over the past year i have found myself wondering off into footage land :) mainly animation really. all i want to know is what makes more cash? footage or images? i really enjoy doing both so its not a case of going were the money is - but I'm obviously going to choose the one with the bigger rewards. who wouldn't? thanks for any input.....

I just got paid :) its only $40 but its a nice bonus...

123RF / Re: sales this february!
« on: March 04, 2010, 17:35 »
i think if anyone is feeling lousy about there sales they should read this topic - its so funny - and pointless :)

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