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Author Topic: 24 cent GI sales (moved to it's own, from another topic)  (Read 2984 times)

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Uncle Pete

« on: July 31, 2013, 20:01 »
Yes I'm an Indy, yes they are purple "G I Sales", PP is green, blue is audio or images or illustrations and shows on the bar chart as File Purchase.

All the GI sales are 24 cents and I'm wondering how I can see what sold? I'm not sure if they show which files sold PP either.

The light blue File Purchase, I just click My Upload, and the last DL column, I can tell recent DLs and for how much.

Partner Program I can see some file information:

   Approval date    DLs/mo    Partner Program DLs (iStock DLs)    Royalty
   13/03/2010    1.6                         65 (6)                                    $19.27

GI Sales I get this kind of report:

Upload Date   Downloads (iStock DLs)   Royalty
13/06/2012             16(4)                    3.85

But most of them show this...

   27/01/2012    0(0)    0.00

AND - they are all audio files, which may be why it's a bit unusual. So my audio files are on GI for 24 cents a DL? Gee, I just can't wait to spend it all on a couple of dollar menu items at a drive through.  :-\

I guess that solves part of the mystery, they are all audio files, that's why some people will get those purple DLs and some won't. None are image files. When I hover over the bar graph page, the purple ones all show "G. I. Sale Royalties". That's where I got the figure.

Can anyone fill in the details of what's going on, or how to see these DLs associated with the files. Or have I done all I can?

What are all the 24 cent sales I'm getting for the last two months? I assumed, some kind of low cost subs? I can't even figure out how to see what's being licensed. Just shows up a month later as GI.

What next for IS? Their own subscription plan perhaps?
They have one, but it's not low enough priced to compete with SS, which is why Getty took over TS and Photos.com and sent most iS files there.
If they went to low cost subs, that would probably be the absolute last straw for many.
You are getting GI sales?  Do they show up purple on the graph?

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Uncle Pete

« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2013, 00:39 »
That's where I got this line:

Upload Date   Downloads (iStock DLs)   Royalty
13/06/2012             16(4)                    3.85

But now I see that it's a speaker icon and I need to look at the file number and description to see what it is. They couldn't do much more. The number 16 is GI download royalty, not including IS income. Or 24 cents a DL.

I think I understand better now. These GI Audio DLs just started in May. I don't understand why I'm selling audio files for 24 cents on Getty Images?

Edit: maybe I do, one more thing I forgot to add. I'm an IS audio exclusive. The DLs and prices were so good, I decided to just go for one place that made sales. I didn't expect the 24 cent GI DLs to appear out of nowhere.

Go to the "my uploads" screen and you can click on "G.I. Sales".  I would assume they show up there.  There aren't too many audio contributors here and I'm not one so I don't know how much help you'll get.  Did you check the audio forum?
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