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Author Topic: Istockphoto in now cost uneffective for me  (Read 11302 times)

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« Reply #25 on: September 22, 2006, 09:42 »
Wow. I have almost the same process, except it's SS and IS that are my holdouts. They get whatever gets through the other guys. SS because I think their reviewers are tough but fair, IS because I don't want to make the aggravation worse by uploading something likely to get rejected.

Just came from updating my SX portfolio. Don't mind them getting tougher, but I hate the generic 'we are not accepting such photos at this time' I tend to send in batches of 5. If I have similar shots, I spread them over multiple days. So if I send them two similar images and one is accepted and one is rejected for this reason, it makes no sense.  Also sent them 3 shots of power tools isolated on white. Layout identical. One was accepted. One was rejected due to poor cropping (subject was not cropped) one was rejected for inappropriate background. All have been accepted on the other sites that have reviewed them.

I'll stay there becuase there uploads are very fast and they have a high average pay. Just wish it was busier.


« Reply #26 on: September 22, 2006, 10:46 »
Yeah with IS I feel like I'm rolling the dice to submit anything to them. You notice it when you shoot a horizontal and vertical shot of the same subject, some gear, some settings, same jpeg compression and one goes through the other is rejected for whatever reason. I feel my work gets a much fairer review from SS, SX, DT, FO, LO, and so on. IS for me, is the best for sales though.

But going back to CJPhoto's earlier point...I agree. I think Getty put the pressure on iStock to make recent changes. We pay them 80% of our earnings and they don't have the courtesy to let us know this was coming down. It makes me wonder what else is in the works that they are going to spring on us next.


« Reply #27 on: September 22, 2006, 14:38 »

1. First I submit to LuckyOliver, FeaturePics, Fotolia, Shutterstock, 123RF, StocXpert (StockXpert is REALLY tough on rejections recently for some reason)
2. Whatever gets through ... I send to DreamsTime and resubmit to SS and SX ...

Sounds like a great technique. Thanks for the advice.

« Reply #28 on: September 22, 2006, 18:36 »
Hey everyone, was busy shooting all day yesterday and didn't get a chance to get to the forums...thanks Prof for pointing out that I am not exclusive at IS...not am I ever likely to be.

Couldn't sleep last night so decided I would try uploading again to IS. Thankfully keywords are extracted from files now and actually, for me, I don't find the tagging system too bad. What bugs me now is the categories, since there is no way of selecting the same categories as one of the last five pics. And aren't categories redundant now? Aren't the tags the same thing? Hopefully IS will sort this out soon but I can just about live with the uploading as it is now. Gotta keep uploading my weekly amount and keep my market share as best I can!

Two days without reading the IS forum and I don't think I will make any sense of what has happened. Can anyone who's really been following developments fill me in?

« Reply #29 on: September 24, 2006, 11:42 »
Hi Phil and All

It may have extracted your keywords but it did not extract anything from mine and I have just spent 20 minutes uploading and going through the keywords on one image, and all those wretched tick boxes (long means length - I did not even mention hair !!) and then it tells me I have too many keywords but does not say how many over.  :-X

I give up - if they cannot make the site user friendly then I will stick to uploading to sites that have more consideration for their contributors.  >:( ??? :-X :-\


« Reply #30 on: September 28, 2006, 11:46 »
Frustration continues...

Finally my batch of 20 got reviewed after a long wait, the same batch as been accepted 100% by SS, StockXpert,Bigstock, 1 rejection from FT and DT each, I got 13 rejections out of IS. ( I even got a nice email from the reviewer at BigStock, " nice work, saves my eyes tonight, thank you" )

The funny thing some photos were rejected for not good enough model release ( the whole batch using the same model release)

Another is on camera flash is not accepted, well I did not use onboard flash, I have flash mounted on a tripod 5 feet away from camera just to add a tinkle to the eye, cannot tell flash is used.

Another one is over filtering or cannot find a focal point, ( those are for model portrait, try to make it a little soft ) yet it is perfectly focused.

The worst one is in camera settings! I shoot raw and convert to Tiff, then go through Neat Image, then save to Jpeg 12, I don't see how the setting has been affecting quality.

However most of the accepted one got rated 5 out of 5 star, though they were shot at the same time at the same place using the similar settings.

Not only IS is distance 4th, after SS, DT and FT, but more pain to deal with them, besides it's so hard to build the portfolio with them, anyway I am dissappointed.


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