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Uncle Pete

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« on: January 10, 2022, 09:34 »
I seem to get no help from anyone. I know Franky tried, he's tried many times, and can't duplicate the error on my account. If I try to upload a raster illustration, I keep getting some box in the lower left about RANK - 1Best 2Better 2Good. If I try to upload, I get an error, Collection_Code can't be blank. And when I try to select rank and collection, they resent to red, before I can upload?  This isn't a DM issue, because QHero doesn't work either, and with ESP they are just sitting there pending, nothing happens.

OK so that's a long way around to the point. And if anyone understands why I get those errors, sure I'm listening. Other people I know have looked and they don't get that error. I had it with XP and old versions of DM, I've had it with laptops and now running the newest DM and Windows 10, desktop and laptop, I still get those two rogue panels.

After a couple of years, maybe more, of this frustration, trying to upload "Illustrations" that are JPGs, I copied the list. Then being Winter and early and bored I finally found free OCR in Irfanview and made the list into text. I thought it might be interesting to share the Collections from Getty. I suspect this is also the partner sites. Sometimes people have asked, who are the partners. (11/2020)

Ready?  ;D

 360cities.net RM
 500px  Plus
 500px Prime
 500px Unreleased
 500px Unreleased  Plus
 a-clip RF
 AFP Creative
 age foto stock  RM
 AII Canada Pfiotos
 Allsporl  Concepts Creative
amana images RF
amana images RM
America 24-7
Animation Factory
 arabianEye RF
Archive  Photos C reative
Art Images
ArtBox Images RF
Asia Images RM
Asia Selects RF
AsiaPix RF
Aurora Creative
AWL Images RM
Axiom RM
 BananaStock RF
 Best View Stock RF
 Bettmann Creative
 beyond fotomedia RF
 Big Cheese Photo RF
 Biend Images
 Blend Images RM
 Bioomberg Creative Photos
 Bioomimage RF
 bluejean images RF
 BiueMoon Stock RF
 Brand X
 Car Cuiture
 Cavan Images RF
 Chic Sketch RF
 China Span RM
 Coilection Mix: Subjects RF
 Coilection Mix: Subjects RM
 Conde Nast Co|lection RM
 Conde Nast Lifestyle Co|lection
 Corbis Documentary
 Corbis Historicai Creative
 Corbis NX
 Corbis RF Stil]s
 Corbis RM Stills
 Corbis Unreleased
 Creatas RF
 CSA Images RF
 Cultura Exclusive
 Cuitura RF
 Custom Content RF
 Design Pics RF
 Dex Image
 Digital Vision
 Digital Vision Vectors
 Discovery Channei images
 Dorling Kindersley
 Dorling Kindersley RF
 Dynamic Graphics Group RF
 Evok Images
 Eyecandy Images RF
 EyeEm Premium
 Floniine RF
 Floniine RM
 Folio Images RM
 Fotosearch RF
 Gallo images
 Gaiio images ROOTS Col{ection
 Genuine Japan Creative Sti Ils
 GeoNova Maps
 George Steinmetz
 Getty Images Galleiy Consignment
 Glow RM
 Giowimages RF
 Goodshoot RF
 Graphic Vision RF
 Gulf Images RF
 Hemis.fr RM
 Hero images
 Historic Map Works
 Hola Images RF
 Hola Images RM
 Hulton Archive Creative
 Ikon Images
 Image Source
 !mages Bazaar
 Imagewerks Japan
 Imagezoo RM
 ImaZinS RF
 ImaZinS RM
 IndiaPicture RF
 Ingram Publishing
 iStock Editorial
 iStock Subscription
 iStock Unreieased
 iStock Unreleased +
 IZA Stock
Johner images
Johner RF
 Juice Images RF
 LatinContent RF
 LatinContent RM
 Lite Productions RF
 Lonely Planet Images
 Lonely Planet RF
 Loop Images
 Minden Pictures 11
 Minden Pictures RM
 Mint Images RF
 Mint Images RM
 M|TO images
 Moment Mobiie RF
 Mornent Open
 Moment RF
 Moment RM
 Moment Se|ect
 Moment Unreleased
 Moment Unreleased RF
 Mondadori Poitfolio
 Monkey Business
 moodboard RF
 Nationai Geographic Image Coliection RF
 Nationai Geographic Image Co|iection RM
 National Geographic Magazines
 Nature Picture Libraiy
 Nordic Life
 Nordic Photos
 OJO images RF
 Oxford Scientific RM
 Panoramic images
 Panoramic Images RF
 Passage Unreieased
 Photographer's Choice
 Photographer's Choice RF
 Photolibrary RM
 Photonica World
 Photononstop RF
 Photononstop RM
 Picture Press RM
 pictureindia RF
 Polka Dot RF
 Popperfoto Creative
 Premium Packs RF Stills
 Pubiisher Mix RF
Radius Images
Refinery29 RF
Refinery29 RM
Retrofile Creative
Retrofile RF
Robert Harding INorld Imagery
Ron Chapple Studios RF
Science Faction
Science Photo Library RF
 Science Photo Library RM
 Science Source
 Score RF
 Silkroad images
 Sino Images
 Stock4B Creative
 Stockbyte Unreleased
 Stocktrek Images
 Stone Sub
 SuperStock RM
 Taxi Japan
 Tetra images RF
 The image Bank
 The LIFE Picture Coliection Creative
 TongRo Images RF
 Top Photo Group RF
 Universal Images Group
 Universal Images RF
 Untitled X-Ray
 Uppercut RF
 View Stock RF
 View Stock RM
 Visit8ritain RF
 VisitBritain RM
 Visuais Unlimited
VStock RF
WaterFrame RM
Wavebreak Media
Westend61 RM
 WIN-Initiative RM
Yann Arthus-Bertrand
ZZVE Illustrations
ABC Studios
Aerial Filmworks RF
Aerial Filmworks RR
Archive Films Creative
Austrian Broadcasting Corporation RF
Austrian Broadcasting Corporation RR
Baim Collection
BBC Creative
Cavan Video RF
CBS Creative Video RR
CBS Media Group RF
CBS Television Stations Group RF
CBS Teievision Stations Group RR
Corbis RF Video
Corbis RR Video
Creatas Video
Creatas Video+
Digital Vision Footage
Discoveiy FootageSource RM
Genuine Japan Creative Film
Getty Images VR RF
Getty Images VR RR
 Globo RF
Globo RR
 Iconica Video
 Iconica Video Signature
 Image Bank Film
 Image Bank Film Signature
 Insight TV RF
 Insight TV RR
 Lighthouse Films RF
 Lighthouse Films RR
 MediaStorm Creative
 Moment Video RF
 Moment Video RR
 NHK Video Bank Creative
 Niniia RF
 Nimia RR
 Nimia Signature RF
 Nirn,a Signature RR
 Olympusat RF
 one80 Signature
 Oxford Scientific Video
 Paramount Piaures
 Photodisc Footage
 Photolibrary Video RR
 Smithsonian RF
 Sony Pictures Entertainment
 Vetta Video
 Vice Media Creative
 Walt  Disney Studios
 VVarner Brothers  Film
 VV N ET Collection  R F
 W N ET Collection  R R
Women Who Drone
 Yann Arthus-Bertrand Video


  • There is a crack in everything
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2022, 09:48 »
Wow, great find!

Uncle Pete

  • Great Place by a Great Lake - My Home Port
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2022, 09:50 »
By the way, here's what my DM screen shows when I try to upload an illustration:

« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2022, 12:47 »
Must be an insight we can glean about the Getty inspection process from that

Uncle Pete

  • Great Place by a Great Lake - My Home Port
« Reply #4 on: January 12, 2022, 11:31 »
Must be an insight we can glean about the Getty inspection process from that

Yes, might be. That's why after years of looking at this, I decided to OCR the screen captures and post it.

This is interesting too? I wonder if this is used at intake? Rank?

Uncle Pete

  • Great Place by a Great Lake - My Home Port
« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2022, 09:45 »
Still can't upload illustrations. Contacted DM, he can't find the error (newest version) contacted Qhero, they said they were looking into it. That was last year. Just an update, I wrote to IS support...


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