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« on: March 22, 2008, 20:00 »
Quick Crafts: Easter Bunny Door Baskets

These adorable Easter door hangers are a quick and fun craft that will give the kids (or the husband!) a cute treat on Easter Morning. You can very likely complete this project with no pre-planning and just what you have laying about the house, too - it's a great way to reuse leftovers from your recycling piles and Christmas stash.

Time and Materials: 10 minutes.

   A standard printer, preferably colour.
   A photo or illustration large enough to fill an 8.5 x 11 or A4 piece of paper.
   A glue gun, stapler or tape.
   An empty container you can re-purpose, like a milk carton or tissue box.
   Easter grass, tissue paper, or shredded paper of any kind.
   Some ribbon, scissors and a hole punch if you have one.

Step 1: Select an Illustration
Select an Easter illustration for your door hanger.  I used a cute, traditional bunny, but you can use virtually anything. You will need to download a size large enough to fill a regular piece of paper. (The Small version worked perfectly for me.)

Step 2: Print and Trim Your Image
I print on heavier, 120gsm paper from card making, but you can use standard photocopy weight paper if that's all you have. Carefully cut out your picture, and for added support, put some tape on the back where you'll be punching or cutting holes - in this case, I taped the back of the ears and then trimmed off the extra from around the ears.

Step 3: String It Up
Cut or punch holes in two support points good for hanging - they need to be reasonably far apart or your paper will buckle. Thread fabric ribbon or curling ribbon through the ears from back to front in a good hanging length - about 8" in total - and tie the ribbon ends behind the ears. You made need to tape the ends down to secure the ribbon.

Step 4: Attach and Stuff Your Basket!
The basket for this door hanger can be virtually anything - I used the bottom of a milk container, but anything lightweight , like tissue boxes or business card boxes, will work. You need to trim the height of your container to about 3 inches.

Staple, tape or glue gun the bottom of your bunny to the container. Stuff it with tissue paper (I knew keeping all that green paper from Christmas would pay off!) or Easter grass or even the clippings from your paper shredder - as long as it's overflowing and nest-like, it will work beautifully.

Finally, pop in some Easter treats - anything lightweight so you don't buckle the hanger. M&Ms, hollow chocolate eggs, blown dyed eggs and Peeps are all perfect choices to start your Easter Sunday with a quick-crafted sugar rush.



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