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Author Topic: Supply and Demand  (Read 2585 times)

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« on: October 04, 2014, 13:52 »
Hi guys, I'm relatively new to audiostock having started just 3 weeks ago, but have been doing photo stock for around 4 months in which time I've seen sales slowly grow as my small portfolio grows. Having sales begin from the first few images uploaded. All good.

My first passion is music and the thought of selling original tunes really appeals to me. However to me the supply and demand for audio seems much more extreme than photo. I'm a member on P5 and AJ username AnthemMusic. Had two sales on AJ from the 4 songs I have uploaded. Those 4 songs probably took me a week to write and record. With 3 weeks and just 2 AJ sales and nothing on P5, seems hardly worth it? 

My worry is the high amount of daily new uploads is so insane. Seems everyone and their cat is having a go. But clearly not enough demand to cover all of it. Just scrolling through people's new uploads, there so many unsold items. Some of it really good stuff. Which just ends up buried after just a day or so. I know some have made a good amount of money at this but I'm getting the feeling the tide has turned a little due to the volume of new contributors in Audio. I notice Revostock have actually closed their doors to new sign ups. Which is good sense to protect their current contributors and also shows there is some sense in what I'm saying.

Just wondered if anyone else had similar feelings.



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