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--- Quote from: pixelgo on June 03, 2020, 06:21 ---Hi,
is there any issue with the recognize function? It says service unavailable, it has been this way for these last months.
I discover this program not a long ago, and I love it. :) Just wonder when this function will work again.

--- End quote ---

Hi pixelgo,

you can try now, but we have limit around 1000 requests per month because this function is in test mode, if it is for someone relevant for active use, then we can make this functionality for a fee

Hi, Thanks for the info, and Yes it is working again :). 1000 photos per month should be enough, as I am not going to produce that amount of images each month.

Thank you for your reply. I will contact you in case I need to analyze more images for a fee.

Hi there, I am just trying the recognize option but it is not working again. A long time ago since I haven't use the program so I have not reached the 1000 requests per month. Is there any issue with this option?


sorry, we migrated to a new domain, so you need to update the application:
macOS: https://www.pixeluploader.com/app/download/macos/0.16.0/PixelUploader-0.16.0.dmg
windows: https://www.pixeluploader.com/app/download/windows/0.16.0/PixelUploader-0.16.0.msi

if you are a windows user, we recommend you to uninstall the previous version or install 0.16.0 in a different folder.


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