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Author Topic: Did Fotomind.com sell our email addresses?  (Read 6718 times)

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« Reply #25 on: April 19, 2010, 03:36 »
Hey guys,

We should probably have made an appearance on this thread sooner, or even boasted about it, only, see, we're not really "just" out to get something for ourselves and the usual tendency is to take any company post as self-serving marketing spam.  Thus our silence so far on the matter.

What happened with Fotomind?  "Selling" your e-mail address I feel is a bit of a strong statement.  The truth of things is that Fotomind had thousands of photographers - me personally among them - with portfolios that would disappear and commission balances left unpaid.  We just felt it was sad and, while Fotomind's position on the matter was clearly understandable, not exactly right.

So we talked with them and offered to "take the debt" on unpaid commissions and provide the convenience to their contributors to transfer their portfolio to iSyndica where they could dispatch it to over 50 other agencies currently available on our network.

We felt, as Fotomind did, that making this offer was far from inappropriate and shared the work of making this happen.  In retrospect it would probably have been better indeed if Fotomind had sent that e-mail themselves.  Lesson learned.  Apologies if you felt abused, that was certainly not the intention.

Here is the bottom-line:
 - This was a contextual mailing only: your email addresses have not been added to our mailing list (and I do the same thing as you: use a different e-mail address for everything I sign up for, so I'm quite sensitive to the matter as well)
 - IF - and only IF - you do care for it, you can contact Fotomind before Monday is out and ask them to transfer your portfolio and credit balance.  You don't have to sign up for a paid account and can use our free plan or trial to test us out - marketing pitch warning: and yes, if you haven't tried us out yet, maybe you should; we have thousands of users who have seen their earnings significantly increase by getting an easier ability to distribute through our network, some of them by orders of magnitude.  Hey, don't take our word for it: ask around, that's all I can say.
 - IF you do transfer your portfolio and have a balance, it will be available to you as CASH on your affiliate account, and then in minutes you can sync up your transferred portfolio to other agencies you haven't tried yet, or agencies where you might not have sent those items.

I hope that helps clarify the situation and apologize the reception of this offer was perceived differently than intended.

We are currently in the process of transferring hundreds of accounts and are happy to help some of our existing users recover their commissions through this "debt transfer" and welcome new users on our platform.  We expect the transfer to be completed by Tuesday this week.  For existing users, all imported images will be labeled with "Fotomind" and marked as "Approved" in your syndication roaster (though the Fotomind channel will eventually be removed later in the week - reporting will still remain available).

Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards,

SC - iSyndica

thanks for the info!


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