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Author Topic: Anyone else ever get an email like this?  (Read 9811 times)

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  • Chad McDermott - Elite Image Photography
« Reply #25 on: August 18, 2010, 15:50 »
Not like that, but I have Won The Nigerian Lottery several times!!!  Now I just have to collect the money - problematic!! hahaha


« Reply #26 on: August 19, 2010, 00:17 »
Not like that, but I have Won The Nigerian Lottery several times!!!  Now I just have to collect the money - problematic!! hahaha

Me too, almost every other day. All the dead relatives with different names than anyone in our family, leaving me millions has also been "rare". Not to worry I have one wealthy cousin and he doesn't appear to be talking to any of the rest of us.  ;D

« Reply #27 on: August 19, 2010, 18:46 »
Whenever I've advertised valuable gear for sale on Craig's List I get the inevitable...I'll send you 500 more than you ask and you ship the camera to my cousin in West Africa...Craig's List should be able to block these MoFos.

No, not like that. You get big transfer or check more than your price. You keep the fee and send back the extra. You get big bonus for favor. But check is stolen and bank hold responsibility for you.
I see. But how can you be responsible for a stolen check someone deposited in your account?

They mail a check to you and you deposit it. The check clears because it is a fake using a real account number of a corporation for example, but appears to be real. You get the money, send the excess to a drop box. (which is usually Wells Fargo for example) Or they have an "agent" pick up a check... one way or another the person who gave you the check and the person who get the money are also duped into handling transactions but not the perpetrators.

Two weeks later the corporation discovers the fake check, the funds are reversed and you owe the money back to the bank.

The person who has the money has vanished.

That's roughly how it works.

The easy part is someone who sends a check for more than they owe and needs you to somehow send them the excess. It's a scam!

« Reply #28 on: August 20, 2010, 03:16 »
I have decided to quit photography and live on all the money I have won or inherited from relatives that I did not know. So far this week, I have recieved 1,000,000 pounds from Coca Cola and 13.5M from an uncle. At this rate I should be able to buy Microsft within two years.

« Reply #29 on: August 20, 2010, 11:57 »
Just got this one yestersday, read and enjoy. :D

"Hello Model,

My name is Benjamin Coyote,Am a Freelance modeling agent working under HELLO Magazine,i came across your profile on Model Mayhem while surfing on internet it's really great and i will like to do some work with you.  We are happy to inform you that you are one of the few photographer chosen out of the screening exercise performed for us by model mayhem, you have got the necessary Requirement we need for our Magazine update (www.hellomagazine.com)October 2010 issue, We here by decided as a committee to offer you this photographic pay job, I will be very happy if you could send me some of your work. My client wants to update her Catalog with her New Release Fashion outfits and I'm interested in you for theprofessional shooting no nudity, fetish, bondage, escort and other adult content stuff. So if you are interested you can get back to me. The shoot will hold at a rented photographers studio very close to your location, the shoot will be 2hrs daily, we would be responsible for your transport and feeding throughout the photo shoot, the invitation letter would be mailed to you,You have the opportunity to bring along an assistant which we would handle the expenses along with your own just for you to feel comfortable throughout the shoot.

  You have 5 different models and Fashion outfits to cover, outfit  will be provided by our wardrobe stylist on the day of the shooting and the shoot is
  just for 2 days and you will be paid 3,000euros for the whole project, the Job  is Urgent so you are to get back to us as soon as possible so that we can arrange on how to get you the part payment, meet the models and other crew members. You would be paid the initial payment of 500euros to guarantee your participation in the shoot, as part of our working policy and ethics of our  company, we give part payment to any client before we proceed with any job and balance immediately after the work. As I told you earlier this project is very urgent we will be taking care of your payment,accommodation and other expenses. The part payment would be mailed directly to you along side with the models  cloth allowance, shoes and costume fee for the shoot,Location,time   and date will be made known to you soon,this is to ensure that we pick a convenient time and place for the shoot.

 NOTE: As soon as you get the payment, you will deduct 500euros and wire the remaining balance to the wardrobe stylist. The wardrobe stylist will contact you as soon as she receives all your information from us, if you are interested kindly get back to us with your details as follows:"


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