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Author Topic: Email WARNING!  (Read 7886 times)

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« Reply #25 on: November 13, 2010, 01:49 »
Passing along this information to you.

Most of all the information that after 20 years of a quite public Usenet/Internet there are still people who believe in every crap they get via email and have nothing better to do than spreading this crap even further. OMG, that's already AOHell generation 2. Me too. Send pics. *yawn*

At least he had the courtesy of passing it on, rather it was real or not. Have you ever been expecting a package from FED EX then you get one of the bogus FED EX spam e-mails? Well some times you don't know rather it is legitimate or not if you are actually expecting a package. Let it go....

Oops, forgot the one that's been popular for so long. You account will be closed if you do not verify your information, immediatly at this site (at which point a fake link appears, and unsuspecting people give all the information, CC numbers, password and everything to the crooks)

OK folks - don't do that? :D

If you get a warning, always go to the site from your bookmarks. Chances are, your account has no been closed and the email is just phising for information.

I never stop getting requests from banks and other places (PayPal is another one people panic and fall for) for information, because my account has been locked until I provide verification. Funny part is, I don't have accounts with them! :(

ps FedEx and UPS or some other vaguely worded claim that you have a package coming, will not include a compressed file or EXE that you need to run to open the document. A document is just that! The whole logic of why they would email a claim form, compressed, instead of just contacting us, falls apart. I mean if they have our email address, why not just write about the package instead of some mystery claim form, which is really a virus that the unsuspecting person opens and runs.


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« Reply #26 on: November 13, 2010, 11:36 »
If you get a warning, always go to the site from your bookmarks. Chances are, your account has no been closed and the email is just phising for information.

That's always what I do.....especially the ones from E-bay. I actually had a e-mail from E-bay from a customer wanting to know how much shipping would be to XXXXX. I didn't have anything for sale on there. When I went to my account someone had put a bike for sale under my account. I was able to get it taken care of and changed my password, but I still get e-mails that say that and I always go to my account to make sure nothing is for sale on there. Usually those kind of e-mails go to my junk mail folder, but not always.


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