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This made my day! Thanks Barb! :)

Now please do something interesting with the site racephoto...fate is calling you!


« Reply #26 on: July 02, 2012, 01:31 »
20% is normal for Microstock? I thought 50% was good. Oh I forgot, what people here would want is 100% and I pay them for the right to sell their "Crapstock"!  :o

What's your plan Race? All images same price? Or are you going to introduce VetoCollection and Crap(minus)?

Well it was a joke from the start and some people don't get it. I was reprimanded for not registering my idea, when it's wasn't real. (what else can I say) But when someone stole my idea (and she didn't really, it was a completely different meaning of crap stock, I believe using found items) I got to make another joke. I was again called out for not protecting the name.

Here's where it came from. I was calling MY own Micro "Crapstock", not anyone or anything else. My collection is "Crapstock"

After a while I did come up with an idea, make the requirements for being accepted for sale on CS, the image had to be refused by one of the top four agencies, SS, IS, FT or DT.  ;D ( and not for sale anywhere else, everything on CrapStock would be exclusive rejected images only!)

Pricing? One price fits all, everything RF only, $5 OD downloads, artist gets 50% (going with the general theory that the agencies are abusing people because of supply and demand)

So it's a fictitious project and idea, created to mock my own lazy work and CrapStock collection.

Hope that helped. Here's to Barb for getting me good on this whole thing.


70% is the norm for application stores ...


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« Reply #28 on: July 02, 2012, 10:02 »
Here, I got it started for you:




Yes, funny and I dropped her a couple of PMs no answer yet. She's probably busy coming up with more nefarious ways to tweak my nose. LOL  :D

(we made contact via email today)

Dropped eight websites in 2011, added two in 2012, reserved a couple of names. Now this comes along? ???

Just for clarity, as far as I know and my plans... there will never be a real Crapstock, and if there is, there will not be contributors or commissions. It's a concept, not a reality.

So I guess I could offer 110% commissions, because no one will ever get anything uploaded or accepted.


Exciting New Website coming soon!  http://hodagroadrally.tripod.com/

And Another?


The fishing photo is from my Iowa weekend 2012, I haven't tried it on Micro but I suspect there are so many reasons it would be rejected, that it's gets first place for the newest CrapStock site. Sunrise fishing on the Mississippi
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