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I just got an email from POND5 about their new "free collection"....what's that about?


Jo Ann Snover:
I received the email this morning too, but I have no idea how they selected these items. I was just looking through some of the free photos to see what sort of work (all looks good - i.e. it's not rejects from the regular collection).

You'd think that the agency would notify contributors about a change like this, but unless I somehow missed an email, this was the first I heard about it.

Free content, money for the platforms/distributors and if there's anything left, throw a crumb or two to the people who made all the stuff!

The only good news for me is that Pond 5 is so terrible at selling photos it won't make any difference. It might look very different for music or video contributors though

I found this in the FAQs:

Did the artist give Pond5 permission to distribute this content for free?

We only offer free clips from artists that have agreed to be a part of the Pond5 Free Collection and have verified each clip is genuine. If you find free content that you really like, you can view more work from the same artist by clicking on their name within the product page.

Jo Ann Snover:
Yes, I saw that after I posted here. It is nice that it's "voluntary" but it would be good to tell other contributors exactly what the deal was. Transparency & all that :) Any sort of communication with contributors to try and explain what they're doing and why.

It's also an unwelcome reminder that Pond5 doesn't really think about any kind of still images - even though they're happy to give them away - when they refer to the items in the program as "free clips"


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