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Newbie Discussion / Re: boycott shutterstock
« on: October 05, 2021, 07:02 »
To each our own, and everyone can decide for themselves.  :)

sergio76: Claiming that SS only pays 10c is ignoring the whole picture. I had an $18 and a $13 download last month for example.

Of course, yes we are underpaid and not treated very well. The reset in January is a travesty, no one can really look forward to making gains, when everything is taken away again, every year. Our reward for hard work is, "go back to level 1".

I'm still asking if everyone who says Boycott Shutterstock is also boycotting iStock for paying us 2 cents or less? Do we hold all agencies to the same standards on an equal basis? What of the new revenue sharing plans and the unknown in that. Who's money are we sharing or getting a share of? I mean, maybe I should join into that and get your money? Isn't that sharing?

ok, 13 or 18$ on many photos do you have and above all how many times does it happen? however, my bad opinion on ss is not just about the 0.10$, I also happened to have some non-approvals uploaded photos because the moderator sayed me that contained "noise", when the photo was taken with a canon 6D full frame at 100 iso, where they saw the noise only they knew. Or that the description of the photo wasn't pertinently, or that my photo was similar to others already present in the ss database..in short, if I already have to be paid so little and then on 5 photos that I upload I wasting time writing a description and adding tags, after 3 of them are reject with these reasons, for me ss remaining a big rip off... on pond5 at the moment I have 700 photos and only 3 have been rejected and two of them because wasn't present a release, so not a really reject. ss wants the highest quality and then pays you nothing, as they say here in my country "they have seen a beautiful world"...

Hello, I'd like to ask an advice to who work in microstock sector from long time. how do you interface with, for example, companies, airports, railways or ports for request to be able to take photos or videos for microstock use? To be more precise, let's assume I want to make stock photos or videos where railway do train maintenance, how can I approach the railway company to ensure that give me the permission to let me in to take photos or videos?  I mean, putting myself on the side of the manager who will receive my request letter, he will certainly ask himself: ok well, but what do we get us from this shooting service?

So, which advices for write a good request?

Thanks for replies,

Newbie Discussion / Re: boycott shutterstock
« on: October 04, 2021, 09:45 »
A whole lot of us here had this exact conversation 1.5 years ago. Just about everybody complained. The obvious question then was: what do we do now?

Some decided to stick with SS. Others stopped uploading. Others (like me) withdrew completely.

We all have our reasons for doing what we do/did, but the issues you describe and the question you ask are still 100% valid.

unfortunately most of the microstock websites have this policy, I personally (at the moment) upload my photos and videos on pond5 which at least gives you the possibility to choose the selling price, it is true that they then keep a percentage of the sold, but at least I can say that my works aren't being sold off for 0.10 cents..

Newbie Discussion / Re: boycott shutterstock
« on: October 01, 2021, 12:50 »
I've uploaded some photos on Shutterstock..then when I realized I was earning only $ 0.10 per photo..ok well, bye bye Shutterstock. I've already read a thread in another forum where many people complained about this. In my opinion, earning $ 0.10 per photo is comparable to the illegal exploitation of workers. Especially when behind a shot there is a preparation and maybe even a cost. How much does Shutterstock make from the subscriptions that editorial or advertising agencies make monthly or annually, then paying his contributors only $ 0.10 per photo?

Newbie Discussion / Re: why can't I start a new thread?
« on: September 29, 2021, 07:55 »
ok  :)

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