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Hi All,

I am here, My name is Ahmed Soliman. first of all i want to say sorry to you all and all authors that i have copied there work :'( but i want you to know that i didn't read terms and conditions carefully. I am not a thief

anyway all my accounts are now terminated and i lost all of my money. one small thing... you have destroyed my work that i am using since 2008 ... and this is how i eat me and my family.

Thank you


I create vector illustrations and submit to some websites like & as you know this websites needs jpeg & ai together in one zip file but i submit a lot of files this is why i need an automated way that can be used instead of selecting each jpeg and ai files and compress. maybe something like actions in photoshop or Illustrator for example. by the way i am using  mac os x


Adobe Stock / Fotolia video thumbnails
« on: February 27, 2013, 03:53 »

At Fotolia video section I have some videos starting with white background and when i submit this videos it doesn't appear in the thumbnails therefor no body can see the contents of the video before open it and load!
so is there any way to change the storyboard or the main sequences of the video clip? I mean you see the main concept of the video before open and load, like here

This is the videos that i want to make the same

Best regards
Thank you

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