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1 / Re: Why i cannot end my exclusive program?
« on: December 04, 2014, 03:25 »
"You Are an Exclusive Videographer"- I`m pretty sure that this message is shown on your last day of exclusivity. On the next day you will be "free" :)

500px and Prime need better watermarking, a lot better. That`s my reason to hold most of my images to their platform.
It would be great, at least to have an option where to place the watermark on the images - in the center, on the top or in the bottom... for example. Why don`t you test something like that.

Well I have left just one video there. There's no logic to sell videos for 15% royalty rate.

Thank you Ronnin. I will delete my videos from fotolia anyway. Couple of years ago they were selling my full resolution images for 0.35 and now my videos for 1.35. I`ve had enough.
@Mat - thank you for your advice but I will delete all from fotolia.

"We are pleased to announce that one of your files has just been sold by subscription:
File Reference: 58810524 
Purchase Date: 2014-10-01 16:15:16 
Purchase License: V_M 
Sale Price: 1.35 "

Well I'm not pleased with the sale price, so all my content will be deleted from fotolia.

May be they will raise the prices...  ;)

Lowest HD 1080 sale on IS - $17.10 USD

Couple of days ago I got 1.70$ for small web DL. The script I use showed me 0.10 $ per credit (small web - 17CR - 32$ - regular price). So I`m not surprised.

9 / Re: Shutterstock UNDISCOVERED...
« on: February 28, 2014, 06:05 »
Good or bad, at least those guys(SS) are trying to improve the exposure of the unsold content. Hope it`s positive move.

I'm thinking about dropping exclusivity at IStock. More files - videos/photos and no views, no DLs, no normal communication with representatives, locking threads without reason...

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