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Please PM me your email, so I can search for your messages. Sorry for the troubles Lyle.

Nevermind, I see your emails. We responded and asked you to send us links to the photos you had questions about 9 days ago, and haven't heard back from you since (except for another post a few days ago, asking why we haven't answered you). Can you send that info to [email protected] so our content team can answer your questions? Thanks!

Alex, I really don't understand why this is so difficult.  Why I can't get my issue addressed.  I loathe putting messages about not getting help from customer service here but nothing else seems to work.  And even this is not working. 

It has been well over 2 weeks now headed to 3 weeks.  I did email and I have been using the proper email address all along.

Please PM me your email, so I can search for your messages. Sorry for the troubles Lyle.

I have had no response from 500px, going on 2 weeks now.  Nor from Alex.  Very hard to gain traction with 500prime.

It was about the missing option to go back to non exclusive, there is no way to do that.

Just email [email protected] and we can do that for you. If it's specific photos, tell us which ones (include links to them). If it's all of them, just tell us that. Thanks!

I have had no response from 500px, going on 2 weeks now.  Nor from Alex.  Very hard to gain traction with 500prime.

Make sure you're emailing [email protected] and your email will be answered. i'll keep an eye open for your email today and get back to you ASAP.

any news on the exclusive/non exclusive management?

What do you  mean? Sorry, maybe I forget what the original issue was.

Anybody else having problems with uploading images lately?

email [email protected]. We'll help with some troubleshooting and collect some data from you to find a solution.


I have photos selected for my store and prime and they don't show up when I look in prime nor do they even show up in my store.  It says I have 9 photos in my store but when I click the page comes up in prime with my name but no photos.  One of the photos has been selected and submitted for prime for close to 2 weeks.  So why does it not show up in my store? 

Just curious as to what is going on.  Are ongoing issues occurring with prime?

PM me your username or email. I'll investigate and get back to you via email.

I am interested in knowing more about the turnaround time for photos submitted for Prime.  One of your membership levels is Awesome and claims to have fast track for prime images as opposed to your plus membership does not. 

Really if you want to be taken seriously you might want to ditch membership classifications like Awesome, etc.  Must be a better more professional way to categorize your different memberships and the features you get with each level.

Submissions take about 3-4 weeks to be processed. But it's not as important as it may sound, because as soon as a photo is submitted, it's listed in Prime and can be requested for license. If a buyer requests it before it has been processed, we'll process it immediately in order to close the sale. So don't worry about upgrading for that purpose, or about the processing time at all really. Just get your photos submitted, that's the most important step.

Alex, is there a way to upload a series of images and select one for public profile/viewing while enabling ALL the images to be available for review for prime? 


No, at this time in order to submit a photo to Prime, it has to be in your public Profile. So every photo you submit will need to be publicly visible. I've heard there's plans to change that, but I don't know details or timelines.

Alex, if a photographer does upload to prime and offer the image via the RF license model can he pull the image out of prime at a later date.  Some entities have a certain amount of time that an image must be left up to avoid people popping images on and off for short periods.  I ask this because I want to know if after 6 months or a year if an image has had no action on 500prime but say a personal client wants to use if for a traditional RM license can I remove it from 500prime?

I don't forsee this happening much if at all.  Just want to know what my options are.

Totally, you can remove it at anytime. Just beware that since our sales team may be working on sales in the background, we retain the right to sell your image within 45 days after you've removed it. This will be fairly rare, but it's just incase we're working on a deal with a buyer at the time that you remove the photos. Cheers!

Good news is I got an RF sale there and only have thirty or so test images up. Bad news is that the sale is still listed as pending a week later. Any idea how long it takes to get the payout after making the sale?

Sales remain pending for 45 days, to allow time for payments to be settled and processed.


You need to worry more about making a good fit for buyers.   It is not a matter of photographers having an established RM business or not.  What is important is providing a significant segment of photo buyers with the licenses they need.  You fail to do that with you current offerings.   You are appealing to a very small part of the photo buying market.  Most buyers looking for RF have no interest in your $250 inclusive license.  I know, because I have asked dozens and dozens of experienced stock buyers over the months since it was introduced.    I have yet to find one that likes your RF license.  I am sure you will tell me that the offering is doing well.   If it is then why can't I find a single stock photo buyer that thinks it represents a good value across the board?  The most praise I heard was that in very limited circumstances would they find that a good deal.  The majority of the time they want either a lower price, less inclusive RF offering or a RM license of lower cost for that specific one time use.   

Totally agree. Remember, Prime is very new, we only launched in March. We're learning what buyers want and working to introduce more options. I'm just customer support, and I don't make these business decisions, but I'll share your feedback with the team that does. Cheers!


What is the status of the RM type license?   

It's launched and available. All photos submitted to Prime are available for both license options automatically. Look for the $50 Web/Social option on any photo. For example: https://prime.500px.com/photos/46424674

Somehow I doubt that is what most photographers consider a real option for an RM license.    Let me get this straight.  The 2 licenses 500px is offering are an incredibly expansive RF exclusive license with no expiration or the web/social license which is RM literally but not in any common sense manner to a stock photographer.    I don't understand this at all.  In the world I sell stock photos you can sell an image as RF or RM exclusive or RM non-exclusive.   I am trying to fathom how this is going to get photographers to submit more work to your site.   Or how it is going to help the photo buyer that say wants to use a photo for a quarter page or spot use in a limited run book or a calendar.  The web social license doesn't cover that, nor are they ever going to license that photo through one of your RF licenses for $250 when they can go elsewhere for a $100-$200 non-exclusive RM license.  I am trying to understand the logic here. 

Also, what is going on with 500pxart?  There is a statement saying that as of Aug. 23rd it is going away and that prints will be bought through prime via some method that allows the buyer to download a high rezz file to take to a printer.   

Photo buyers AND photo sellers need a variety of options.   As someone who sells photos I ask myself how and why if I was a buyer would I license a photo through 500prime?  The licenses you offer only apply in a limited number of situations for which I, if I were a photo buyer need to purchase photo uses.  I am trying to make sense of why 500px is handling things in this manner.

That's correct. We offer 2 licenses, and the $50 option is technically a RM license, but is a bit different from the usual RM terms some photographers are used to. Prime isn't going to be a perfect fit for everyone. Some stock photographers who have an established RM business already may not find Prime works for them right now, but maybe it will in the future.

500px Art is going away, and we've begun phasing it out already. As of right now, it's still available at 500pxArt.com, but we're beginning to remove references to it from 500px.com. We don't have a definite End Of Life date yet, but will announce when we do.

We're working closely with our buyers and photographers to learn about what options they want, and to offer them. The feedback from you guys is amazing, so keep it coming! Thank you!


What is the status of the RM type license?   

It's launched and available. All photos submitted to Prime are available for both license options automatically. Look for the $50 Web/Social option on any photo. For example: https://prime.500px.com/photos/46424674

I haven't had any luck there. Can't even get images approved, and I have had no trouble getting stuff approved at any of the regular microstock sites while a lot of people complain.

I also get requests for releases when I already uploaded a release when I first submitted the image. I don't think the reviewers have a clue or their system has problems. I thought I'd try it out, but I don't think it's going anywhere.

Hey Rob! Could you email [email protected] along with links to the photos you have concerns with? Our content researchers will get back to you with more info and answers to any questions you've got.

Is there and opportunities for payment through Skrill or Payoneer ?

No, I haven't even heard of those actually! Haha, right now it's Paypal or cheque only.

"In order to harness 500px Prime's success and maximize commercial opportunities for our community we are focusing on royalty-free and rights managed photography licenses"


Any more information if there is a plan for marketing Rights Managed images in the inmediate future?? That would be very interesting for an Istock exclusive like me. 500px has a beautiful collection. I am a recent member and it's great to see a lot of variety and amazing images impossible to see on any of the micros.

Right now all photos on Prime are RF. We have a RM type license coming soon for web/social media quality images (one time use, lower resolution) and are open to exploring other RM licenses down the road too.

Well... an hour ago I was setting up my images licencing on 500px prime and I wondered how hard it is to sell anything here...
Few minutes ago my friend just told he sold one for $175! He doesn't sell much anywhere so this is double surprising! Nice to know it works so good  :D

Ps. Alex, are you the one who popped up in chat form on 500px site and scared me?  ;D

That's great to hear! We're having a lot of success with Prime, and we hope you'll all be a part of it. Cheers, thanks for sharing.

Edit: Yes, that was me on chat ;-)

I just got email and looking for info:

"Buyers will be able to purchase a variety of license options and photographers will always earn 70% of the royalties for any photos licensed from 500px Prime, one of the highest royalties paid out in the industry."

Where is list of the prices? Lately I sold one for 2,99$ if I remember correct (blocked that option immediately). If 500px sells licence for $3 and shares info about highest % in industry... well...
I mean, % is not everything.

The $2.99 personal downloads is exactly what that email was about :-) We're getting rid of those and focusing on commercial licenses now instead. They sell for $250. We're also working towards introducing a web/social one-time use license for $50.

Now I'm thinking about the white isolated images that I have and some other classic old stock images will not fit to the 500px vision. So, will upload just a part of my portfolio.
May be here is the place to ask, are images like this suitable for 500px? This image sells good on the microstock sites:

You're right that it doesn't quite fit our vision. Check out http://500px.com/editors for examples of the type of stuff we're looking for.

Hey everyone! I've just spoke with our director of content for Prime about how we can help you submit large batches. Here's the deal. We're working on a better bulk uploader to make submitting thousands of photos easier, but it's not ready yet (ETA a couple months, is my guess). If you have a batch of licensable photos you'd like to submit to Prime, but don't want to deal with upload and submitting them individually, email [email protected] (ATT Alex). If you can send us all your photos (whether it's on Dropbox, or mail us a hard drive, or whatever works for you), we'll go through them and ingest the ones we want in Prime for you. We'll be doing this on a case by case basis, based on the number and quality of photos, but email me and we'll see what we can do to help you. Thanks!

Hi Alex,

I have 10 000 images to upload, but the thing that stops me is the lack of a watermark.
What I need is just to upload and automatically to be watermarked, resized, metadata extracted and so on...this is the part of website on my opinion.

That's quite the undertaking! Each image does need to be submitted individually to Prime, to ensure you submit the right releases, etc. We do automatically add a watermark to all images displayed on 500px Prime though. Maybe start with a few of your best and see how it goes!

Hi Alex,

your site looks great, you have done an excellent work, and I am ready to pay(support your work) that my images get over to Prime, unfortunately I cant get where or in which step I should do it, should I just upgrade to plus or awesome and that it?



Yeah, if you're ready to upgrade you can just go to 500px.com/upgrade to do so. If you're just upgrading to get unlimited uploads, Plus is all you need. Email me at [email protected] and I'll give you a promo code too!

500px needs to give us something like other agencies are offering, ie, free platform to sell the images. I just uploaded some of my images and was hit by 20 images per week counter. The upgrade page is asking for money. Having no stats of success or failure of 500px, I do not know whether there is break even point. There are two things 500px can do.

1. Make completely free for photographers to upload the images.
2. Review the images for Prime section and filter them to market.

Unless I see people eating expensive lunch, I am not motivated to try it.  At present, only people from 500px staff may be having some fun.

Very good points! If it'll help you submit your images to Prime, I'd be happy to give you unlimited uploads on your account. Can you email [email protected] and mention this forum, and I'll do that for you. Thanks!

I've uploaded a few files from my fine art portfolio (http://500px.com/elenaelisseeva) - it's fun to watch the "pulse" and so on, however, international shipping costs for prints are plain prohibitive. It seems that quite a lot of 500px users are not from US - so 500px really need to find a way to ship cheaper internationally. Noone will every buy a print if the shipping can double the price.

I totally understand that. It's even expensive for me to buy my own prints and ship it to Canada, as our printer is based in Austin, TX. We are looking for a European and a Canadian printer to partner with, to help reduce shipping times and costs. Stay tuned.

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