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rkris and Nikovsk, Thanks for the reply's!

I have only made .35 with DT so far with 18 pics over two months. FT is better with $1.54 from 13 pics. I have done the best with 123RF and CanStockPhoto. I just got accepted to SS and IS and already have sales at SS. I have uploaded to P5, BS, YM, DP,VR, MS and CC but I don't know how long I will give them, its a lot of work to upload if they're not generating an sales.

So I have limited bandwidth and and hoping to find an online backup service that would allow me to upload my photos once then submit them to the FTP directories of several microstock agencies (or those that use FTP anyway). Does anyone know of a company that offers this?

I am aware that there are some services that will submit your photos for you and am not interested in that at this time.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


You need to figure out what you can shoot - access, skill, interest - and what there's a market for. Some things are great to look at but not all that useful as stock; some are great sellers but in such bountiful supply that you'll have a hard time getting any traction given that you're new and the competition has great search position.

Thanks for the advice. Honestly, this is one of the first things I did getting started. I knew that I had no interest in working with people, and would much rather shoot nature, animals, landscapes, and macros (once I can save up for a dedicated macro lens).  I picniche a list of things during the week and then on the weekends try shoot a couple different topics.

Thanks everyone for the feedback!

I wanted to see how I'm doing compared to some other new people. I have been accepted to DT and FT with around 20 pics and 123RF, P5, BigStock, CanStockPhoto, and CC with around 45-55 in each. I made about $10 last month   :D.

I have a second try pending to IS and I think I have been accepted to SS (pending my ID clearing).

So how does this track with your experience? I have been seriously working on microstock for a couple months now and am just starting to get the feel for things.

Thanks for any feedback!

Newbie Discussion / Re: Blurry background
« on: April 03, 2014, 13:51 »
Another thing that I have found that helps improve quality is that once you think you have your photos up to standard to submit them to the middle tier agencies. That has really helped me learn exactly what I'm doing right and wrong before I attempted to get accepted to the Top Tier agencies.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Microstock Affiliate Programs
« on: March 27, 2014, 21:23 »
Sorry if I wasn't clear. I meant were one site that a photographer submits to makes sales or uploads on other sites that are not the site were the photo was originally submitted to.

Sorry for the confusion.

General Stock Discussion / Microstock Affiliate Programs
« on: March 27, 2014, 19:00 »
Which Agencies have fair affiliate programs and which are not fair to the photographer. I have been following DepositPhotos latest thing and plan on opting out of their programs, but it got me thinking more about this.

I have only started uploading images the last couple months so this is still new. I have images accepted to BS, CS, P5, 123RF, YM, VR FT and DT so far, and plan on uploading to SS and IS now that I have a good idea on what should be accepted. I have also considered uploading to a few more of the low earners as time allows.

Thanks for your help.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Dollar photo club
« on: March 17, 2014, 06:58 »
Um... So I thought the Dollar Club was exclusive invite only? I saw this ad while reading the news this morning.

Why then can you pay $99 can join right now? No invite necessary.

Question from a new person to micro/mid stock photography.

I was approved to submit to DepositPhotos Friday, and as such have no photos online with them yet.

If I Opt out of re-seller and affiliate sales, does that protect me in the future, or is the general consensus that DP is going to find another way to act unethically?



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