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General Stock Discussion / Re: Warning about Demotix
« on: July 05, 2015, 06:57 »

I am always a bit suspicious of first time posters who jump in on super specific topics heavily on one side like this.

Oh and I agree, I can't work out why the OP started attacking people either.

But you're not suspicious about a first time post about a specific, yet non specific front page news pic that no one wanted, yet everyone wanted and sold around the world, yet no one saw and AFP decided to rip it off the web because the Morrel case wasn't enough for them. I'm suspicious about anyone who wastes time on places like this giving crap advice like that. I was made redundant from a picture desk actually but want to make some money on the side through Shutterstock while searching for work So yes you could say I'm a little cynical about the newspaper industry full stop but don't worry I'll take a pic worth 150k this week, I just know it😀

PayPal wins hands down. Money bookers or Skrill is a chore to use, clunky interface and assistance via feedback forms is redundant.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Warning about Demotix
« on: July 03, 2015, 08:06 »
Came across this thread and I think you've already smoked out that photosales2015 is the troll. The comment "If you think you can't make 20,000 on breaking news you must either be joking. 20,000 is nothing. I know photographers who make over 150,000 on two, three photos within a month. They'd find your comment amusing." is what I found most amusing.
I honestly think someone needs to wake up and smell the coffee or get back in the DeLorean and come back to the present. How many news pictures have any of us seen in the last 10 years let alone months that you think news organisations would be willing to pay up to 150k for? Do you know anything about the state of the newspaper / magazine industry?
The fact you're not willing to even say what the picture or news event was illustrates that you're not only wasting your time, you're wasting the time of other photographers who actually looking for sensible, sane advice. I think photosales2015 better go back to smoking rolled up five pound notes on your 150k per month earnings mate. Tool.

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