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Sometimes language is a limit. Not a native speaker.
Why are you so negative?
What's you problem Rose?

Dumc: I perhaps didn't explain myself properly.
They did not disable the other files. They rejected some footage on no basis and they claimed they couldn't reactivate it for me to apply any eventual modification and resubmit it. They said that the only option was to upload and tag again from scratch.
I said I won't because it was their mistake, not mine and that I'd leave the agency. Then, magically, the clips were ready to be tagged again and I've got two sales.
It was so suspicious that I started to doubt about sales too.
Btw, I'm asking them since weeks if they have in mind to implement CSV support because their tagging process is so long, especially if you have diverse footage. But no answer on that front.
Cheers everyone! :)

General Stock Discussion / Who's controlling agencies sales?
« on: March 13, 2016, 13:12 »
A few weeks ago I had some mail exchange with Fotolia support.
Basically, one of their reviewers mistakenly rejected some footage.
I was upset because they claimed they can't do nothing about it and they didn't seem to care much either.
I threatened to leave the agency if they wouldn't enable the clips right away.
Guess what? They enabled the clips and I've got two sales the same day after almost one month of no cash flowing on Fotolia.
This coincidence made me think and wonder.
So, here's the question: who is controlling the sales of the agencies?
I mean, I get a report which states I've got one or more sales. But who grants me that each and every agency reports and pays out the exact amount of clips they actually sell?
Seriously, I don't know.


General Stock Discussion / Re: Best agencies for footage sales?
« on: February 17, 2016, 17:13 »
I'm also interested in MotionElements.
If I'm not too invasive, can I candy ask pkphotos to share his/her ME portfolio?
As far as I understood, ME has a different market and, since I'm from Europe and my models are all caucasians, I doubt I'd have much of appeal for them.
But still, very curious!
Cheers!!  ;D

General - Stock Video / Re: Editorial content: Iraqis and Syrians
« on: February 04, 2016, 15:01 »
Thank you very much both for your answers.
Nope, atm the plan is safer than jumping in the battle zones.
I couldn't find any editorial footage of refugee towns and settlements among several agencies. Dissolve wrote me today that it would be a good submission, despite their cinematic and commercial imprint, but I agree with your point thepokergod.

General - Stock Video / Editorial content: Iraqis and Syrians
« on: February 03, 2016, 16:59 »
Hi everyone!
I'm heading to Iraqi Kurdistan for a project and I'll have the time to film editorial content mostly about Iraqi and Syrians refugee camps.
I'm a non-exclusive contributor now present on six platforms.
As I don't have much experience with editorial content, I'm wondering if anyone can suggest wether this type of content would be in demand for news, reportages and so on and, eventually, which agencies have a stronger editorial appeal?
Thank you all in advance.

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