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thepokergod.......Thanks SO much for the info....I will definitely check out Pond5.....best of luck in all your endeavors..... ;)      -Roy

Hello.....I am actually a 'customer' in need of advice. I am a composer in need of footage for some of my songs. (I've done 9 scores for the Discovery Channel, etc.).....I use Sony Vegas Pro to create the few personal vids I've done for my music, but I need to buy some excellent footage for some of my instrumentals.
My main question to you pros is this. What is the general LENGTH of the videos these companies offer in their 'plan' for consumers, and also, which companies do you guys consider the best, in terms of variety and the amount of vids they offer?
I noticed one of the companies offer a $99 'plan', but they're very candid about what you actually get for that.....thanks SO much for any advice.....I am 'Roy Howell' on Facebook and 'The Roy Howells' is my music page.....................thanks, Roy

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