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hey all
i want to know how many vector files should i have to make at least $100 per month ?

One is enough. But it has to be a good one.

Is it possible to have a link to that one image that brings you 100/month?

I don't mean to be rude, but I had some copycats recreating that image, so no, I won't put a link. (I am not saying it will be you, can be just anyone reading this).

It is nothing special about it though, I think it was just uploaded in the right time (without planning it) and then made it to popular - first or second for some keywords, and it is still there. Now it does not sell so much, but still sells everyday.

And the reason I think others outdo that for sure: this vector never made it to most popular vectors (regardless of keywords).

I am talking about shutterstock BTW.

I just had a look at your wonderful portfolio on SS, great stuff!.... and I think you might be a bit of a Maru fan.....!? :)

I appreciate everyone taking the time to contribute, thank you.

I think I already mentioned earlier that I've given up on the idea of submitting to SS and the other agencies I'm already with and have created an account with Alamy with the intention of submitting them there exclusively.  I discussed the nature and origin of the images with them and they're are happy for me to upload them to the site.  It appears I can add additional information the files which is ignored by searches etc. so I may use that the credit him as the original photographer.

My father-in-law will be visiting soon, I shall discuss this with him and sort out something in writing just to cover myself if required.

Now hopefully there's a market for vintage images UK public transport!

Without anything in writing, and in a tight legal form, from the copyright owner, anything could happen down the line. Family feuds can be the worst, and in-laws can too easily become outlaws.

I'm confident that won't happen, if it does I'll let you know!

If you have permission why would they be opposed to signing a document saying you have permission?

He didn't like the wording of the SS property release.  I didn't quite understand why but I know he won't sign it.

If he won't sign a release I wouldn't even think about it, move on.  You risk getting sued and having your account closed.

Who is likely to sue me?  I have permission to use the images, they're available for editorial use only and I explained the nature and source of the images very clearly to the agency.

I'm not trying to be awkward, this is an area that I'm not particularly knowledgeable in so would like to know if there's something else I should be aware of.

Thanks for all the replies!

The reason he won't sign a property release is a long complicated story that I won't bore you all with here.  He's more than happy for me to use the images for this purpose and is happy to write legal statement confirming this.  In fact he likes the idea of his images being used but isn't in a position to scan, correct, clean up etc.  He is however more than happy to provide accurate and detailed information for the captioning.

Zarniwoop suggests using Alamy and this is actually what I've done.  I've had my first images accepted and they've enabled uploads via the archive route so I'm going to start uploading them there.

Shutterstock replied, they insist on a property release for each individual image and my father-in-law decided he doesn't want to sign the form!  That's that out the window then!

Will submit to DT and iS, see what they do.

Beware of copyright and trademark rejections for names or logos and the design of the locomotives and carriages. One release for each photo, good for all agencies. If the shots are the same subject, same date, one release may work, just like a model shoot.

Just to be clear I'd be uploading these as editorial, Shutterstock require the PR for the image itself.

Property release? Regarding ownership of the image or regarding the subject matter of the image? Is your father-in-law still alive? If so, have him sign a document that states he took the photographs and is giving you legal entitlement to them. Submit that signed document each time you submit his photos and you should be fine.

Thanks for your reply

Yes he is alive, and it's just for ownership of the image.  Shutterstock's site suggests that they'd need a PR for very slide with a reference image attached which seemed like a lot of faffing around!  I'll do as you say and try a cover-all PR and see what happens.

General Stock Discussion / Selling someone else's vintage images
« on: December 05, 2016, 07:37 »
My father-in-law has 1,000s of vintage photos of UK public transport and I'd like to try them on microstock.

I've got a few scanned that I'm going to try submitting but I wanted to see if anyone has experience of submitting vintage images that are someone else's, with their permission.

Shutterstock say they need a property release for each slide, I have contacted them to see if there are any other options.  I can't find any guidelines for iStock or Dreamstime.

Any thoughts or guidance would be much appreciated.

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