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Wow what an old and funny thread.

I did not read all of the entries but the fellow that opened the thread possibly learnt his/her lesson very well after that.
Openning a business is hard. And openning a new business in a already crowded market is much more complicated mumbo jumbo.

I tried to open an agency to test the waters. The only difference is I only put my own images that how far I can go without any advertisement and marketing campaign. Let me tell you; None, not an even millimeter!

The first problem to open any kind of business is, before anything else, even the product itself, is, solving the good old "marketing" issue. Without any form of marketing, even if you sell your product for free, which I did, you gain no traction.

That is the number one rule for any business. Promoting your service is the number one priority.

Moreover, discussing this kind of thing in a public forum is pretty naive act. If you want to gain the attention of the people around here or anywhere you should first built something at least at the first place, good or bad. In that way you will show others that you are really serious about it.

Then you can start to find a way how attract people to your business -buyers, sellers, you name it- then the investors who are willing to be a partner with you. No one give you a money or their time for an emtpy ideas. I can bet most of the people on this platform thought at least once to open a stock selling website in some form.

Solving a problem is a thing, but applying to a business model is something else.

I dont see any difference.

For me its still showing my most popular images inside the same artist section regardless of similarity. And there is no change on my download counts. So business as usual...

BTW, Hi everybody.

I have nothing to add but nice to read such a well thought out and interesting reflection on a part of the industry. I haven't been into 3d for a few years so didn't know about the efforts to produce a standard format. I hope you get a reply from Mat.

Thanks. I also would like to hear from illustrator artists about what are they thinking about the future of stock imagery business. Dont be shy guys :)

Hi everyone,

I have been following the microstock group as a guest for a long time but decided to register here and this is my my first post and topic here.
I am a active 3D illustrator and photographer on FT, SS and 123. Its my 7th year on the stock imagery business.

As most of the stock veteran could agreed that stock imagery business is shifting dramatically since 2012. Mostly, photography side is much affected badly but now vector artists and illustrators are on the edge. As a result I am completely shifted to 3D rendered illlustrations which requires much more technical knowledge.

But now there is another and new side of the medallion. 3D is now a trending topic in stock world and recently Adobe is much busier nowadays with integrating its core businesses and apps with 3D editing/rendering capabilities. The last example is Project Felix app which is basically 3D compositing environment with very basic editing capabilities, mostly on materials and lighting.

I foresee that in 1-3 years we are going to see the increasing integration of easier 3D content creation and editing with some form of VR/AR/MR capability. Turbosquid is also working heavily to standardize the 3D file exchange between most popular 3D design apps with their recently released fileformat stemcell. https://www.turbosquid.com/stemcell-3d-models

As a contributor I would like to ask if anyone here tried Project Felix from Adobe and especially ask to Mat Hayward from Adobe Stock about possibilities of adding the 3D assets to Adobe Stock (which I am very interested currently) as a contributor, the meaning and the future of 3D editing for Adobe apps.


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