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Hey there, I'm the Founder of www.BlackBox.global. We've been up for almost a year and creators that are using the platform seem very happy. BB is an "upload once get to many" platform that also afford members the ability to collaborate and share in the revenue streams that the footage generates. We try to make the process simple so you can stop dealing with the agencies and concentrate on making great footage. Have a look for yourself. Thank you.

Hey there, I'm Pat and I'm the founder of www.blackbox.global. It's great to hear some of your feedback , so thanks!! :)

I'm a creator just like many of you and I built BlackBox for creators. I am the writer and producer of the explainer video. I'm sure you'll agree that these types of videos are hard to do but we really just wanted to put the concept out there. Not trying to "pitch" or twist anyones arm. That script reflects what I believe is happening to us as creators and proposes an alternative.

Admittedly our site could do more to fill in the blanks. We're working on improving!

Here are some basic details about BlackBox.

BlackBox 1.0 has two simple functionalities; 1) an "upload once, send to many" service for stock footage creators, 2) a "fractional ownership of IP" capability that allows creators to collaborate and co-own stock footage content, 3) a payment system that processes the fractional shares of revenue in accordance with ownership.

Membership is free, our fees are 15% of the NET sales (back end) from any of the stock footage sites we do business with. We provide templates for CSVs and Model Releases.

Payment is by PayPal on the 20th of each month for revenue accrued during the previous month.

Creators do NOT give up title to their content in any way. We are NOT aggregators of content. We really offer a comprehensive set of business tools for creators.

We are up and running and we are growing.

I can only ask you to take a look at what we are doing. We invite you to check out a recent Studio Sherpas podcast, if you like what you hear please join us. The first 25 minutes are backgrounder, we get into the BlackBox discussion at the 27:45 mark. https://studiosherpas.mykajabi.com/blog/passive-income-for-video-producers-w-pat-mcgowan-of-blackbox

You can email me at [email protected] or message me on FB https://www.facebook.com/pat.mcgowan.967



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