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Shutterstock.com / How consistent is your upload ?
« on: May 03, 2017, 03:03 »
How many times in a week do you guys upload to SS?

How consistent do you need to be?

After a shoot is it better to upload everything in one go or spreading the clips throughout the month?

A year of uploading very consistently is probably required though. A good business sense (where to upload, when, what, SEO, pricing, formats, etc.) is extremely important however.

A portfolio of 1000+ clips that are all beautifully filmed with high commercial value can earn a living with a bit of luck.

My next question is how much consistent do I need to be on uploading videos to my library ?

Better to upload one batch at a time weekly or after a shoot post everything in one go?

Many thanks for your tips guys

thank you for your reply.

I am always putting nice content, so I am aware that quality is much better than quantity, but I wanted to know roughly if one day is it possibile to kinda make a living out of this or is it always going to be an extra ?

Hello guys, I am new on shutterstock.

I am constantly uploading videos on shutterstock and after 6 months I've made only 99$ bucks.

If I may ask what's your range of earnings and how big is your library?

How long should I wait to see consistent earnings?

Many thanks in advance everyone. :)

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