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Thanks! Works perfectly!

Hello, can you offer a program for managing your video files that was tagged before with StockSubmitter? I'm just looking for a way to archive video files that would be possible to find with tags. :) What do you use?

The time lapse you linked to on Dreamstime definitely has frame rate problems and if that's what you uploaded to Shutterstock, then they were correct in rejecting it...Dreamstime should have rejected it also.

I downloaded your Dreamstime timelapse and looked through it frame by frame and there's duplicate frames.

You need to look at your final footage in a video player app that lets you step through it frame by frame is see if there's any duplicate frames. I use a Mac and the default Quicktime Player works fine for that, just use the arrow keys to step through frame by frame. If you see any duplicate frame, they you're screwing something up. I'm not sure what an equivalent app would be on a PC.

You didn't say which app you're using to process your time lapse, but you need to make sure the frame rate of your source matched the frame of your comp or project and that matches the frame rate of your output.

If you're having to do any kind of frame blending or Optical flow, then you're definitely doing something wrong.

That is really wide analysis of my work. Thank You for that! I will definitely try to fix this problem. The problem probably is that I'm not matching my source videos with my composition. I'm using Premiere for that. For stitching timelapses I use LR timelapse, but main problem really could be in main composition in Pr... I will write when I will try to fix it...

The time lapse is very good, reviewers for video at SS are notoriously total lunatics.
Simply resubmit and it will be accepted.
In a timelapse you can have choppiness only if the SS is too fast compared to the frequency of shots, but it is not really the case here (only a tiny bit of choppiness)
Thanks, I will try to fix that choppiness in the editing! ;)

Honestly the one from Dreamstime link looks a bit choppy as if there werent enough frames. Try using frame blending if you didnt.

Thank you! It really could be the problem... I tried to use frame blending, but video looks kinda dizzy. Optical flow looks much better, so I will try it.  :)


It's interesting how Shutterstock rejecting timelapses though everything looks ok.
Every other agency approved the same clips. Here is the example of timelapse -
The message which I get from ST is that there is frame rate/shutter speed issues. But I really know that I used correct frame rate. Clips are high quality, without pixelation or artifacts. So what could be the problem?


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