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I'm interested to know who is responsible if copyright infringement happens.
For example, a photo of a building is sold on Shutterstock but the authorized representative of the building does not allow licensing it for public use.
Let's say the representative of the building finds out the photo is used on a website without permission, who is responsible, Shutterstock or the person who bought the photo?

The reason I am asking is
I am planning to sell stock photos on my own website and I am not sure if some of the photos should have a property release for licensing.
Can I just sell the photos (without property releases) and say that the customer is responsible if any legal consequences occur?

Is there a license that allows me to purchase a stock photo and use it as part of my image that I then want to contribute on a stock photo site?

As an example, I want to use sky as a background from a stock photo I purchased from Shutterstock. I would then photoshop content on it and the sky wouldn't be the main focus of the image.

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