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General - Stock Video / Re: Pond5 removing 4k pricing
« on: February 07, 2019, 14:09 »
We sold footage on a cost per second basis, with a 10 second minimum per cut, limited license (not royalty free).

Stills were sold based on usage. What is essentially a royalty free license today would almost be a buy out back then (no copyright transfer though) but the fee would be enough to turn you into royalty.  :(

It sounds like you are a passionate creator. I hope you don't stop trying hard to produce great material simply to survive.

General - Stock Video / Re: Pond5 removing 4k pricing
« on: February 07, 2019, 13:43 »
I don't want to sound like Gampa Old Timey (too late) but back in the day of film (stills and video) the agencies felt like agencies - you know - that repped talent and tried to get them the highest prices.

Then royalty free came along and cheap(er) automated gear, along with higher digital demand, and, as I'm sure any economist would say was obvious, for a large chunk of the market our work product (and we) became a commodity like soy beans.

I'm not surprised and am all for free markets but like you I suspect we need to make sure we price ourselves in a way that values our work.

General - Stock Video / Re: Pond5 removing 4k pricing
« on: February 07, 2019, 13:29 »
That's incredibly disheartening if true. It should have been communicated to users first and they should be given an option to opt out.

I'm not a Pond 5 contributor but I thought one of their pitches was allowing contributors to set their own prices. Am I thinking of someone else?

General Stock Discussion / Re: Video Release
« on: February 07, 2019, 12:54 »
For an agency? Each may have their own requirements. Since this thread does not mention one by name perhaps ask their (your) support staff?

If it were me and you were speaking about the (a) model release I'd want one that clearly shows the talent. Same for a property or trademark release.

There are also some apps that make it easy which incorporate the talent image into the release itself. I still use the iOS app "Easy Release"


Yes, truck-ing.  :-[

I left off "at the long dimension" with that res description. Sorry for the error. But thanks for the good wishes!

FYI: I sought and obtained permission from Tyler months ago to post this notice.

I wanted to invite those of you interested in expanding your online sales efforts to consider joining our small crew at Aeronautic Pictures.

Who? Aeronautic Pictures is a thirty-year-old specialized photo and video production company. Aviation and aerials have long been the focus as well as stock media sales.

With that history, clearly this is no start-up. The only new element here is the invitation to outside shooters to join my long established self-hosted stock sales. This is possible because I've begun to migrate my old "store" to new technology capable of accommodating additional creators (a migration that is just started).

I'm not remotely famous but you'll see I've worked for major corporations, publications and productions (see home page of production site and IMDB for credits).

Back in the beginning my stock was sold both directly and through Tony Stone Images (TSI, remember them anyone?)

When TSI was purchased by Getty I left and continued to sell directly from my website.

The business is small and privately owned.

That's good news (for some of you) and bad news.

Let's take the bad news. The resources available for marketing and IT pale in comparison to the big guys. That's just a reality.

But I've never liked being a tiny fish in a giant ocean. That's why I did not go to Getty with TSI.

Which leads me to the good news, in my view at least.

If you become a part of our crew, you'll be a comparably sized fish, no matter your tear sheets and published credits.

In addition to my own work I'm looking to add a total of just 10 active contributors.

Even though the operation is small the site has always been competitive in my core niches of aerials and aviation (traffic and sales).

That will only improve with the addition of new quality content in these areas.

Enough back story.

Additional Features:
Sales split among best in industry on prices that respect creators
Affiliate program (coming soon)

Here are the priority subjects I'm looking to add:
Transportation (shipping, *, trains) <-- preview shows middle term for on-road cargo hauling 18 wheelers censored for some reason! Yes, I spelled it correctly.  :-[

Legal (owned & shot by you, model released and property released as needed)
Footage must be HD or higher resolution
Photos must be 3000 pixels (at 300 PPI) or greater resolution
Prolific (must be actively adding acceptable material)

If you are interested please visit:

and follow the directions to submit your work on that page.

Many thanks for reading this far and your interest.

I hope you all have a prosperous 2019!

- Craig

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