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We would do marketing like a typical stock agency and attract customers by having the best content from contributors. Giving contributors the ability to set prices should also mean that you can calculate your margins and make more money per sale on our site while potentially charging less.

My goal is to give photographers a platform and the tools to be able to run their own shop, run promotions and keep a much fairer cut of the profits. We are also looking at features like custom photo requests or other community features.

Heres the idea:
* Anyone can contribute and set their own prices
* You can create coupons or we run promotions for up to 40% off
* You keep 80% of the commission

We're also looking at things like custom photo requests or additional community features, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

What would you think of a platform like that? Is there anything that youve been missing from other platforms that would make you jump for joy?

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