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I just got an e-mail from Photocase.  They are going out of business.  What's your impression?

WHAT? Why?? How did I not hear about this till now.

After 6 months of steadily declining sales, February was pretty decent and March appears pretty good so far too.
Anyone else experiencing this?

May was pretty good for me. Anyone else?

I downloaded the demo version yesterday and was disappointed. No real improvement in speed nor quality using it on Davinci Resolve 15 Studio. The Flickr and Noise reduction work quite well and I would say are faster than Neat Video 5. But I have to say that I also did not dig enough to see if I could improve results but speed wise it is quite slow.
I have an i7 8700 32gb Ram and Nvidia GTX 1070. with SSD disks

Had such high hopes for this - wasn't thrilled but there was some improvement.

A few years ago their reviews were getting stupid, so I stopped uploading there until things would get turned around

Once in a blue moon I check out the forums to get the feel of whats happening there - same old crap, so I havent upended anything for must be over 3 years now if not longer

Just not wort( the hassle

Same!! Keep hoping it'll change, but no luck yet. Fingers crossed

Adobe Stock / Re: What's wrong with adobe may sales ?
« on: June 18, 2019, 14:12 »
Sales have drop a lot for me since may 1th. I used to have 10 minimum sales a day and now I have three days with 0 sales ! The end of fotolia maybe ? Anyone experiencing the same drop ?

Couldn't find your Adobe Stock portfolio but I saw your work on Shutterstock which are pretty cool! I wish you a LOT of sales!  8)

Just happened to check out your portfolio as well, incredible stuff!

Wow, you have a very interesting story. So is your mirror on the moon something that disproves people claiming the moon landing was a hoax?

I don't want this thread to get too sidetracked, but... that is a question that comes up surprisingly often.

1) Do you really believe that a project with thousands of people over a decade of time could be faked?

2) Did you watch MythBusters "back when it was still good"? (jab at current wanna-be crew...).  In 2008, they did an episode specifically debunking such nonsense.  One of the ways they did that was to go to a telescope and actually saw the mirror I designed that was put on the moon in 1969.  They then bounced a laser off that mirror (which is what it was designed for), and saw (on an oscilloscope) the returning photons.

That entire episode can be seen here --

I love that we're referencing MythBusters here and totally agree that the new crew is ehhh.

Explain more about payment. You said - payment follows

Does payment follow immediately after download, or months later? Payment should actually happen when the image is downloaded, like on the agencies.

Completely agree. This is a great concept, hope there's a way to make it work!

8 / Re: Problems to upload videos in FTP
« on: June 18, 2019, 14:04 »
Still not fixed?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Not for me yet. Anyone else?

At the moment we have 58 TB stored on Dropbox.

I like DropBox too, but....   58TB??? How much does THAT cost???

The Dropbox Business account has a set price per user and then offers unlimited space. Don't remember the pricing. I guess it's on their website. :)

Love Dropbox for this reason!! Unlimited is the best. BUT, don't forget to change over credit card info if you get a new card! They'll drop the account and you'll lose the data. Completely my fault - but just wanted to put out that warning to anyone reading!

Symbiostock - Hosting / Re: How much does it cost?
« on: June 18, 2019, 13:55 »


A short question, if you have time.

How much does it host to purchase a domain name and the hosting for let's say an year?

Thank you very much.  ;)

Hi all!

I know this thread is old, but for any new readers stumbling on this, I wanted to update the numbers as things have changed a bit in the last 6 years. From any of the major players (think Godaddy or you're looking at anywhere from $75 to $300 a year depending on a wide variety of variables including website storage, bandwith, and subdomains. What you'll need depends largely on the kind of site you intend to host (anything from a blog/personal site up to a massive enterprise). The cost for domain names also varies a lot depending on the desired extension. For example, I just purchased a .ai domain for my tech startup and the cost is $160 for two years. I purchased mine through When you type in your requested domain it will tell you the cost and cycle length for all available domain extensions. Hope this helps!


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