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Arggg!! The new approving process is a nightmare!
I can't understand the new interface; my image metadata wasn't recognized and when I tried to enter it by hand, the system refused it with a generic message. The data I entered wasn't saved.

I give up till they fix the problem. I am using firefox, maybe it works with IE?

This used to be one of the most simple sites to submit to - what happened !!?!!?

Hello everyone,
I am asking your opinion on my first Photoshop tutorial:

Any feedback is welcome!

Adobe Stock / Re: FTP for Fotolia - Need Help
« on: July 19, 2007, 05:36 »
I think Fotolia is no longer working nor it cares any more - I can't use FTP for 3 weeks now and I use the new password scheme. I sent a support request but they say they are going to correct it but they don't.

I think they screwed up big time with this new version of their site - nothing is working as it was and lots of bugs everywhere.

One more example: I was transferring funds to PayPal and to my surprise it transfered the funds to MoneyBooks. Once again I contacted them but they didn't reply. Now I don't know where my money is as it has disappeared from my account.

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