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General - Stock Video / Re: Wildlife stock footage opportunity
« on: December 05, 2019, 15:54 »
increasingdifficulty, sorry I couldn't reply sooner to say thanks for all the great tips!! Really you helped me lot.  :)

I see, the most boring stuff is what makes the difference really, so I would take more time on that.

To me, this is the most useful metric when comparing
Great! I agree! It's all very clear now. I would take those numbers as an optimism reference.



General - Stock Video / Re: Wildlife stock footage opportunity
« on: November 29, 2019, 20:50 »
I have less than 1,000 clips, quite a bit less on most of the sites where I never uploaded my "beginner" shots that weren't too great.
I get around $4-5 per clip, per month, from that portfolio from all income sources combined. A bit more than 50% of my clips are related to nature (wildlife, landscapes, nature close-ups etc.). The sales coming from nature footage are also around that number (40-60%). I have pretty much no people footage.

mmm So thats $4-5K per month? That would be assuming that you resell your 1000 clips every month, but I feel Im assuming wrong. Can you clarify this for me?

If I were to focus 100% of my time on stock footage only, I'm certain I would be able to live well from that.
Thats great! Its also great to know its possible.

Make the most of your time. I assume that 90%+ will be waiting time, so capture time lapses, close-ups of insects, leaves, aerials of the surroundings, etc.
I will for sure!

Back to stock, I have a question David, have your searched in general the terms and locations that you will shoot?
I mean if park views are covered by aerial & drone shots in main agencies, or the species that live there "exist" in large amounts as stock content already?
I got in touch with naturefootage.com and they point out there was a few or nothing on this region and the wildlife you can see (at least good quality 4k footage). I havent completely dive into other websites though.

The "easy" way to test the waters is to do some filmimg and edit some promos for the resort you currently work and ask opinions.
You are right! I have actually done that and you can see it here:


Ill be glad to have some feedback!

General - Stock Video / Re: Wildlife stock footage opportunity
« on: November 29, 2019, 10:57 »
Ok so first I want to thanks all of you for all your feedback!

I checked your website, Its very nice and you have very detail information, thanks for sharing that.

As if there are agencies that focus on wildlife videos, I know one called naturefootage.com, if someone else know any other ones please let me know.

I have seen a lot of wildlife documentaries using stock footage (you can see the agencies in the credits), even in big documentaries like planet earth. I dont know if this is a wide or main market though, I hope it is.

Im open to all possibilities and I like your idea. I have never work with tv networks so I dont really know how all that works, but Im going to start to make some research. Can you recommend me any webpage, forum, etc were I can learn more about this?

Wow! Thats a lot of experience you have in the business. Thanks for sharing your insights.

Thinking out loud maybe its not a bad idea having money to buy new gear and travel. Since Ill not invest money in these trips (the investment would be my time doing what I love), doing this as a part time hobby doesnt sound bad at all.
Is good to know and to corroborate thanks to all of you that this is not probably a full time job. Is good to hit land to take good decisions. 

Thanks a lot for your reply, and also for the fun part. I understand these numbers are very relative, but since you give some detailed numbers Im again intrigue, in this case with your results in your particular situation.
So what I would like to ask you then is how many clips you have on your portfolio? And how many downloads you had the last month, lets say, for not only wildlife footage? I dont want to be annoying though, so feel free to skip this if you prefer.
Also keep in mind that a clip of a great white shark will probably sell 1,000+ times more than a viscacha...

Try to capture interesting behaviour, like hunting, fighting and mating, and the chances of selling go up 10-100 times.

Totally agree, and this is whats really drives me into this. I have a lot of opportunities to capture rarely documented behavior. I would like to give you two examples.

Last year there was an active Harpy eagle nest with one chick near the lodge, you could get great footage of the mom bringing prey to the nest and feeding the chick and, with some luck, get a shot of the Harpy hunting. I will also have access to a moving platform, so logistics isnt actually a problem. (Im now waiting for the next year hopping they breed again). Here is a playlist where you can see this, although it was done with security and trap cams for scientific proposes.

Another example is that this area is probably the second place in the world where you have most opportunities to see jaguars, been the Pantanal in Brasil the first. You can get great shots from the boat but using a blind in land is totally possible for better results.

And these examples brings me to another point. The filming crew doing documentaries for big TV networks usually dont live near this places and have to invest good money to have their crew for a few weeks on location. Were I, since I live here, can stay for a long period of time all year round, having more opportunities to get those nice rare shots.

This post have gone to long hehe sorry, but I wanted to give you guys a better understanding so new ideas can come up. Maybe contact BBC directly, for example, is not a bad idea if I got those shots (the equipment meets their requirements at least).

What do you guys thing?



General - Stock Video / Wildlife stock footage opportunity
« on: November 27, 2019, 19:51 »
Hi everyone!

I live in Per and Im working with a company that have eco lodges in the national reserve of Tambopata, Madre de Dios. Its a pristine undisturbed place to see a loooot of wildlife, And filming wildlife full time is my gol. So Im thinking about stook footage as an income and doing what I love.

I have a good relationship with the founder and owner of the lodges and we are evaluating a company option. He will finance equipment, flight tickets, etc; and I will put my time as camera man, editing the clips and upload them.

So this is great as you can see, but he as the investor want to know how the money will eventually return (we both know this is a long term project).
Ive already made a cash flow but there is just one data missing to be more realistic. And that is: in one month, how many clips do you guys sell from the clips you have upload, and what was the income for that month? I could find in the web only the $income for the number of sold clips, but is missing the number of clips been uploaded in total and for that month. Knowing that number, I could estimate roughly the number of clips I need to make per month to see an income in the x year. Please notice this is for footage, not photos.

I know this is a valuable information and I would really appreciate it since this is an exception opportunity for me, please can you guys give me a hand with this?

Thanks in advance!

Newbie Discussion / Re: external hard disks
« on: November 27, 2019, 08:59 »

I have some storage problems (and have seen that increase mi pc hard drives again and again is not a good option). Could you recommend me external hard drives for stock? I'm thinking in 6 TB and several years of use. This is important to me, my external units have worked for years and intense use with no problems (seagate and iomega, about ten years and hard work -one have started to make some noise) but I need a better one as my main drive and would keep the others as backup. I don't want a very expensive one, if possible.

Thank you.

You can also consider use a RAID set up, although it's not a backup solution it can give more peace of mind. I use RAID 5 for store my footage (4 disks of 4TB) which allows 2 disks to fail and sill can recover all the information. I thing RAID 1 is more suitable for your because you only need 2 disk to do this, if one disk fails you can still recover all the information. In your case I will go for two discs of 6TB since You'll sacrifice half the capacity of the sum of the two disks.
I use the brand cineraid for the enclosure (hardware raid).
Hope this help

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