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General Photography Discussion / Property Release Questions
« on: February 01, 2010, 13:49 »
Recently I was approached by a marketing rep for a company that makes certain handheld electronic devices about doing photoshoots of their product being used in a variety of scenarios and then putting these images on Istock for both their useage as well as public useage for greater exposure of their product.

I told this rep that in order for me to do this Id need a property release from someone within their company who would be authorized to sign and authorize such a documen or else Id be extremely limited with what would be considered acceptable without copyright infringement.
The rep seemed to think he could get such authorization, so now I've never worked with property releases before and I was wondering if there's a good generic property release that others have had success with across the major agencies as Id also like to submit these images to more than just Istock ( I retain full rights to all images that I take).
There's also the matter of having a witness signing the release, but we're too far apart to physically sign it in one place; does that pose a problem?  Any feedback and suggestions would be appreciated.

Ok now I dont understand this, but I'm wondering if anyone else has found this to be the case.  I submitted an initial 10 images and 8 got accepted, which is fine.  I submitted another 28 and only 4 got accepted, with the others being rejected for "poor lighting/ composition".  Now these images that I uploaded were all accepted by other agencies, so I'm wondering if 123rf is just plain picky or what?   If that's the case, then I just wont bother with them.

So last week I decided to begin submitting images to depositstock on account of the .20/per accepted image for the first 500 images (100.00).  So far I've submitted 123 images with one rejection, so I certainly cant complain about my acceptance ratio.
The upload servers seem pretty fast with no upload limits and the option for multiple uploads either via browser or FTP.  All my images have IPTC data which was nicely placed in the title desc and keyword boxes.  They have categories as well, but it's a simple drop-down menu like SS has, so final image submission is fairly quick.
I see I have 24.40 in m account balance from my accepted images, so I say so far so good with depositphotos.  I think I'll be asking for a payout once I have 500 images accepted just to make sure they honour the whole thing.
One stipulation however in this program is that your images remain with them for a 6 month minimum. Fair enough sice they paid you to upload them.
Anybody else giving them a try?

This is just a humourous musing, but something to think about:
With a new site seeming to pop up every week, I think the money to be made with these new sites is to register as many domains as possible with the word "photo" or "stock"in it and then just squat on those domains so you can sell the new upstarts the domain they want for a profit.
At 2.99 per .com domain you can get a pretty exhaustive list registered without breaking the bank.

Veer / Cant upload to Veer anymore. Windows 7 issue?
« on: November 04, 2009, 08:42 »
Just curious if anybody else has had this problem.  Since I got my new computer with Windows 7 last Friday I havent been able to upload anything to Veer.  The uploading screen comes up when using the browser upload option but it just freezes, both with Firefox and I.E.
Ive tried FTP using FireFTP and it doesnt work either.  Ive sent C.S. an email about this but so far no reply. Seems strange that Windows 7 would be the problem but its the only thing thats different

General Midstock / Some thoughts about
« on: October 28, 2009, 22:56 »
I'll just mention this site and my experiences with it since according to a search there's no information here about it as of yet. is a small Canadian Stock agency which looks to have been around since 2002.  The site is all RF with 4 standard image sizes available for download.  Pricing starts around 5.00 for XS and goes to around 50.00 or so for XL (3600 pixels long end).  Contributors set the prices and paid commission is 70%.  Images submitted and approved must remain there for at least one year.  Some image editing can be done once approved ie: changing keywords, but the contributor cannot delete any images or change the individual prices; this must be done via contacting the administer where it is done on their end.
Furthermore, the contributing to this agency is old school; meaning the contributor sizes the images to the specified size (3600 pixels long end 3/2 ratio or 3400px long end for 4/3 ratio), burned to CD and then sent to them via snail mail.

They are then posted online where the contributor then gleefully fills in the keywords and other information for each image (no automated IPTC info here).  Now all of this would be fine if there were sales, but I had over 200 images online there for 15 months without a single sale.  Judging from what I've seen there over the past 15 months, it looks like this agency gets very little in the way of contributions, with the overall database looking pretty sparse (they dont even register on Alexa).

The owner, Dan Roitner, has flip-flopped a bit on his policies.  For example, the T&C states that images on Quickpixels should not also be sold on Microstock-type sites, but now he told me doing this was OK.
I had submitted some images that at first he asked for a property release, then when I was unable to produce one rather than deleting them from the database he changed them to live status and available for sale.

Anyway the T&C also states that images there must remain live for one year, so now after 15 months I requested that my port be removed and my account deactivated.  He was quite reluctant to do this (my 220 image port probably was about 5% of his entire database).  Finally I got a rather curt responce from him and my account was deactivated and images removed.
I'm not posting this as a gripe; I gave them a try and it turned out to be a venture of wasted time and effort.  I'm posting this rather as a point of information should others place a search for this particular agency and want a bit of information; since there's not much else in the way of information about Quickpixels out there.
I really have no idea if anyone has made any sales there or if anyone has reached the 100.00 minimum payout (up until last year the minimum was 300.00).

Adobe Stock / Fotolia: Worth starting a port there?
« on: October 15, 2009, 10:07 »
Just looking for some feedback from some current Fotolia contributors on this one.  I currently have a port with SS, IS, DT, StockXpert; all with a good degree of sucess (well not so much with StockXpert anymore).
I have about 500-600 good quality images that I can submit to Fotolia, so Im wondering if it would be worth my time or not.  Thoughts?

8 / Watermarked images got by the reviewers
« on: May 26, 2009, 11:41 »
A few days ago I inadvertantly submitted a batch of 10 watermarked images to Dreamstime (I accidentally left the "add watermark" option on in Lightroom).  The watermark produced in Lightroom is fairly small and is in the bottom left hand corner of the image.  5 of the images passed and are now accepted and 5 were rejected saying "please remove lettering".
I guess the reviewers don't tend to look at the entire image.

Software - General / Problems with CushyStock
« on: April 20, 2009, 12:57 »
I recently purchased the latest version of CushyStock and am having problem after problem with the software.  I scan my working folders but then they don't show up and just ask for me to scan them again, Shutterstock is the only port that with import into cushystock; IS, DT and StockXpert won't import at all.
I did a full re-install after it crashed with the first install and subsequently refused to reload. 
At least the Cushy wizard seems to work and the keyword generator is great.
I emailed Cushy admin and they just suggested to do a reinstall, which I've done, but the current installation is worse than the former.
Anybody else have trouble like this with Cushy Stock?

10 / BDE at Istock
« on: March 19, 2009, 22:26 »
Today I made $16.68; mostly off two images.  Sales for me at Istock have been steadily climbing since November and are now at the point where it makes over 50% of my total sales.  Not sure what's going on over there, but if it continues, i may look at becoming exclusive in September. 
Thanks Istock!

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