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Ok, I admit I've too few files to be really sure about this, yet to me it looks like the PhotoSearch sales are gone and were replaced with 'Distribution Regular' sales.

Is this really the case? Can others with much more files comment or even better Duncan himself? It is possible I missed it, but was there any announcement regarding this?

Follow up question would be - if the PhotoSearch sales are gone and are replaced with Distribution sales, that appear to pay much lower royalty (even though still not very low), does this mean our files are no longer sold on PhotoSearch and if they are, then are they now available for lower price or are we simply getting like half of the % than what we used to?

DepositPhotos / Deducted royalities -- surprisingly high %
« on: January 27, 2011, 04:31 »
DepositPhoto --

So, since I've too small sample, I would like to know if anyone is experiencing the same.

I've approx. 300 photos with DP and so far I've sold like 20 files, all either subscription or SMS sales of which 25% was later canceled and the royalty deducted from my account with statement:

Subscription was rejected

I'm assuming this means they somehow canceled the subscription, but whoever bought it still managed to download some images.

And it happened multiple times (i.e. it was not single purchase of several files that would later be canceled).

The % is too high, so I'm thinking that if this is an overall trend, I should close my account.

Just noticed 3 of my older files were removed from DT today. They moved them into 'rejected files' saying that they were 'approved by accident'.

The interesting thing is that they were active for few months and were selling (not in huge numbers, but still). Since they are now removed and only thumbs showing in rejected files, I don't have way to check how many times they sold exactly. Yet looking at my sales history, they show 3 times in last 40 sales.

Is this a new trend to remove few months old files that sold couple of times? I've to admit I'm rather disgusted. Not that it would be a huge loss anyway. But why?

The full reason is:
 - File approved by accident. We apologize for the inconvenience but the image needs to be removed.
- Too many photos/illustrations on the same subject or from the same series. Your submission should not duplicate content already in your portfolio or content which you plan to upload separately in the future (ie. collages based on your images). Please be more selective and choose only the best shots or illustrations. Avoid submitting simple variations on the same subject or duplicating content already in your portfolio (including from collages). You can create sets of similars (several shots included within the same image). That will help the file sell better and generate higher royalties via our level-based system.

EDIT: Ok, so noticed one important thing - there were 4 'similars' in my portfolio. And the removed files were 3 of them leaving only one. So looks like they are going through 'similars' and removing what they thing is too similar.

Shutterstock.com / SS comissino going up
« on: February 28, 2008, 06:23 »

Seems like SS prices will go up (in March) and submitters comminsion will go up (in May). While new prices are already set (not in the stone), the commission increase is still subject of wild discussion.

BTW, don't read the whole thread, it is the usual - we had 25 cents which was 7% on average, now we will have 26 cents which will be 5% on average, oh thank you mighty SS, you are so great... crap.

There is however interesting post from Yury (Logos) in there...

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