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 Hi people.
 Few weeks ago, i watched this movie> (it's documentary, and is free online):

 main idea about this, is that IRS from USA, is actually illegal organization, but, even such, - they are taking 30 percent of my income on getty images for example (and did for american sales for other sites, while i was not exclusive on is.).

 Someone from USA? Is it really possible that these people are saying that, and saying this, and bla bla bla, but can not answer on a simple question - can you show me THE LAW that authorize you to rob people's money? and how is it possible that people are not making any questions about this?

2 / Experienced members, i need your feedback
« on: October 07, 2009, 02:39 »
I'd love reply ONLY from the members that are in 2nd and 3rd payment "grade" (036 and 038$ per download).
 A few days ago i drank a beer with my good friend, and also one of the very best microstock photographers at the moment (don't believe everything that everybody says about himself ;) ) - and he told me his observation: his (excellent) photos are not showing in the search when typing a few top keywords for his image when "newest" option is chosen. -you guess on example if the image number is 3......150 - in the search on some of the pages is 3.....180, and the next one is 3.... 140. - there is no 3...150 image in the search by newest option.
 His analyze of portfolios that are shown are there is a number of if i can say "not so experienced" contributors, -or contributors with small portfolios etc...(pointing->these contributors are in the 0.25/dl "grade").
 Concept that we've discussed about is one of top needed/searched/bayed  - "woman/beauty"
 I had a short trip these days, i had no internet in the mountains, but i'm now back, and this morning, i tried to find my latest (was only one image sent) image, and at this moment mine should be somewhere in the 13-15th side of "newest" with "woman, beauty" keywords - and mine photo is nowhere with newest search.the number is 38234959.
 i did a check again this moment - on the 13th page (when "photos only" is chosen also, and 10 rows view at the bottom) - the latest image is 38234212 - so this one is uploaded before mine, and the first one is 38235994 - so, that one is newest than mine.
 am i correct if i say that mine should be somewhere in between these two, and - this is not.

 - so, my concerns are - is this a site bug, or this is a common issue on ss?
 if i am correct, agency has an interest to sell images on the 0.25$ per download rather than 0.38, because a credit package is a total of dowlnoads for total of money -so there is a bigger part for the company left. (am i right about this?)

 so, i'd love to have some reply from the contributors that are in the bigger payment grades.

 if i am right about this, i would agree with selling my images also for 0.25, RATHER than for 0.36 (where i am at the moment) - and my images to be shown in the search, -because, these can be a 100$/dl, but if it is not in a most common search (best match - whee this is never going to be at the begining of its life on the site without downloads, and newest - where this is not showing) -this is very likely that this is not going to be bayed ever.

General Stock Discussion / How many of you would?....
« on: September 08, 2008, 04:07 »
... take a part in some microstockers organization - some kind of syndicate, or something like that? with some strict rules.
 on example - one of basic rules would be - if agency blackmails some of members, or all the contributors for various reasons - whole organization to give-back -either with "no, we do not agree with this - we'll delete all of our images" ? -and to be ready to act that way?

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