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General - Stock Video / Thoughts on 360 videos?
« on: January 24, 2016, 20:37 »
I was just at a Virtual Reality Expo and got a chance to look at a new 4k Kodak 360 rig.  Basically like 2 wide angle GoPros back to back.  With YouTube and smartphones supporting 360 videos, I wonder if this may be something worth getting into.

At the very least it looks fun.  I may be a bit biased, as I've been dabling in Virtual Reality.

I thought I had a decent computer.  It's an 6 core i7 3.3Ghz with 16GB memory.  It is choppy reading these files off an SSD or RAID5.  I'm trying to view them in Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5, QuickTime or even the built in Windows 10 viewer.  It starts off choppy, but not too bad, then gets worse, leading me to think the disk read is the problem.

Any suggestions?  Do people still use RAM drives?  Better or newer software?

Thanks for any help

Simple question.  I've only been uploading to these two for the last couple of years.  None of the other Big 4 seem to be worth it to me.

There seems to be a consensus that editorial images should be put up only at RM sites, such as Alamy.  What are some of the reasons for this?

Personally, half my SS images are editorial (mainly travel, parades, sports and other events).  I've got some up on Alamy as RM, but I still get way more per image per year with RF on SS and now DT+BS.

I'm getting lazy and day-dream about uploading to just one site.  Currently IS is only about 30% of my income, but I can only upload about half the images I produce there a week due to the my 20 image upload maximum.

I also understand that Silver Exclusive ISers can contribute to Getty.  Does that include editorial images too?

I was looking at the Olympus 1030 SW, as it can be used when snorkelling.  Does anybody have any experience using this camera (or anything similar) with microstock submissions, after some Photoshopping and downressing (to deal with noise).

Obviously, I'm not expecting SLR type image quality.

It's either that or an Ewa-Marine enclosure for my 5D.

Alamy.com / Property release for art required?
« on: March 12, 2008, 10:20 »
I recently took editorial images of the Chinese New Year parade in Los Angeles. 

Should I check that a property release is required for photographs of an artistic creation, such as the dragon dance dragon?

Edit:  Nevermind, I'm pretty sure I do need to check required.

Anybody have any recomendations on what's an insurance company with decent rates to cover their equipment?  Maybe even some liability insurance?

Since we don't do this full time, the limited hunting I've found makes some insurance companies cost prohibitive.

And don't say Homeowner's insurance - as they don't cover business stuff - and I've got a website that mentions I sell my images (plus tax forms...etc).

General Stock Discussion / Anyone ever sold anything on Scoopt?
« on: February 29, 2008, 16:44 »
I'm getting the feeling it's been a waste of time to upload on Scoopt.  I've send in several dozen images, and the really newsworthy ones have gotten on Getty (some celebs, the Clintons, etc...).  My images often make the front page montage.

Still, not a single sale.

Has anyone had anything ever sell on Scoopt or Getty via Scoopt?

Shutterstock.com / Rejected with no message?
« on: February 28, 2008, 16:58 »

My girlfriend signed up for ShutterStock, and got 4 images rejected (one for having an inadequate model release).  Thing is, she didn't get an e-mail with the rejection info / try back in a few months.

Does that mean she can go ahead and resubmit right away?  Just replace the model release scan, I suppose.


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