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1 / Where are my money?
« on: August 28, 2012, 09:51 »
I just noticed strange thing. I got sale for $0.35 but the real balance raised only $0.19 - is this supposed to be some new kind of hidden commision cut or what? Im 100% sure about the balance because it was still for about a week.   

General Photography Discussion / Extreme timelapse questions
« on: August 03, 2012, 07:29 »
I have some questions about serious time-lapse project.

I need camera capable of shooting CONTINUOS 2fps for at least full hour and ideally 4 hours. This means 7200 frames per hour. That brings us to first problems:

1) which camera is capable of buffering 2fps continuously?
2) how to store such data flow? is there a chance to directly save pictures from camera to HDD? 
3) how to solve battery? even battery pack will not survive this, so probably extrenal battery is a must

In ideal case I would like camera to operate on wire or wireless with computer control.

Second and even more challenging quest. Do the same but with HDR timelapse so there is a need of 6fps. 2 pictures with -2EV, 0EV and +2EV corrections. I think this could be done with some mirror-less camera which is not slowed down by mirror. However I understand that for such quest some firmware hack might be necessary.

Please respond only if you really KNOW what are you talking about, have used such equipment or worked on similar project. Im interested in PROVEN data about fps, buffering hundreds of pictures and remote control of cameras. Body recomendations are highly welcome. In the first round there is no financial limit, however I would prefer solved this with body for $1500 or less.

Thanks :)   

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