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Hi All!  I just ordered an Canon HV30 and am trying to decide on what video editing software to purchase.  I use a PC.  I was going to just order adobe premiere elements 4, but then read a lot of bad reviews on Amazon saying it crashed alot.  Now I am thinking about getting the older version 3.  Does anyone know if this will work fine with an HV30?  Will it edit 1080i HD video and output in a format that Istock would want?  Just want to be sure before buying.  Any other recommendations or experiences would be very much appreciated.

Thanks  :)

Off Topic / Homemade Equipment
« on: May 20, 2008, 13:46 »
I found an article on building a "window box" and that got me curious what else people have built and had success with.  I think I will give the window box a try this weekend, looks really easy and it probably is handy for those of us on a low budget.

Anyone else have examples or articles on DIY photography equipment that they find useful?

After 3 tries, I was finally excepted at shutterstock.  Wow, what a great stock site, already got 9 downloads.  I was beginning to think I would never pass the review process.  Just wanted to give a thanks to www.sprintingturtles.info where they had an article with tips on getting in at shutterstock.  I found a link on another forum.  Not sure, if this is what finally put me over the top, but I had a better idea of what to try once I read this.  Looks like the site had some nice info for people new to microstock all together.

Again, thank you SprintingTurtles!

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