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1 / New Portfolio Management Pages
« on: April 25, 2010, 12:05 »
Hi Everyone,

For any CanStockPhoto photographers who haven't checked the site in the last week, we are pleased to announce that we've revamped all our portfolio management pages.

We listened to your feedback and made a number of upgrades. A few of them are outlined here:

- Better Tracking of Approved Files - You now have quick access to stats on your files, which you can sort and organize. The page is designed to allow you to quickly digest and skim through your portfolio.

- Edit Approved File Information - You can now submit changes for approved files, whether it be keywords, title, description, or category selections.

- Faster File Submission - Our "Unfinished Files" section has been refined to allow you to submit and edit more files and faster than before. You can quickly see which files need information filled out, and can quickly submit an entire page of files with just two clicks.

- Integrated Re-Submission - If one of your files is rejected for missing a model release or for bad keywords (i.e. something easily correctable), it will be returned to your Unfinished folder with a note attached, allowing you to quickly make the correction and re-submit.

- Fast - Everything has been designed to allow you to submit and manage your files faster and easier. If you already embed your file information, you can literally submit several thousand images in under a minute!

There are many other changes, but these are the most notable. Have a look and please let us know what you think! We're always very open to feedback, and are eager to hear any suggestions or ideas. With your help, we want to always have the fastest and most efficient submission system available anywhere.



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2 / Can Stock Photo Now Accepts Footage
« on: May 05, 2009, 09:56 »
Hi Everyone,

We're extremely pleased to announce that we've begun accepting the submission of stock footage at Can Stock.  Now, all you videographers can submit your clips at Can Stock Photo and also have them added automatically to Fotosearch's diverse and ever-growing collection of over 80,000 clips.  The demand for stock footage is growing rapidly, and the Can Stock - Fotosearch partnership lets you submit once and start licensing your clips to thousands of stock footage buyers immediately.

Our innovative SpeedSubmit interface allows you to quickly attach releases to uploads and submit batches of video clips in significantly less time than at other microstock sites.  To make things even easier, you can simply upload a text file with footage metadata instead of having to manually enter it.  Upload via FTP and submit your clips the same way you do photos.  If you have limited bandwidth or a collection of large files, you can also send DVDs to us, and we'll load them for you.

Payouts for video licensed on Can Stock Photo are $5 for Low Resolution, $15 for Standard Definition, $20 for 720 HD, and $25 for 1080 HD.  Fotosearch sells enhanced licenses for footage with payouts of $9.80 for Low Resolution, $29.80 for Standard Definition, and $39.80 for HD.

If you're just starting out, grab your camcorder and start shooting.  If you already have a footage collection, now's the time to upload.  We'd love to help you make money with it.

Best Regards,

CanStockPhoto Admin

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