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Microstock News / Sad News
« on: September 10, 2018, 21:07 »
Very Sad News, Scott was a talented, compassionate man with integrity and he will be missed.

Scott Braut OCTOBER 11, 1971 SEPTEMBER 7, 2018

Owner Name    Date    Shared Held    Change (Shares)    Change (%)    Value (in 1,000s)
INSIGHT HOLDINGS GROUP, LLC    12/31/2014    0    (1,289,748)    Sold Out
Read more:

Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership SEC SCHEDULE 13G/A Amendment

Item 5:  Ownership of Five Percent or Less of a Class:
If this statement is being filed to report the fact that as of the date hereof the reporting person has ceased to be the beneficial owner of more than five percent of the class of securities, check the following: ☒

Form SC 13G - Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals [amend]
SEC Accession No. 0000899140-15-000092
Filing Date
2015-01-20 17:01:41
Filing Date Changed
Group Members

Insight Venture Partners V, L.P.  Delaware
Insight Venture Partners V Coinvestment Fund, L.P.  Delaware
Insight Venture Partners (Cayman) V, L.P.  Cayman Islands
Insight Venture Partners V (Employee Co-Investors), L.P.  Delaware
Insight Venture Associates V, L.L.C.  Delaware
Insight Holdings Group, LLC  Delaware

SOURCE Shutterstock, Inc.

- Second quarter revenue increased 41% from prior year, to $80.2 million

- Adjusted EBITDA increased 25% to $16.8 million

- Quarterly paid downloads increased 30% to a record 31.5 million

- Collection grew 42%; currently exceeds 40 million images


To further extend our presence in the enterprise, this week we announced the partnership with Salesforce to make licensed imagery available inside the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, the world's largest [grab] (ph). Through this integration, [indiscernible] can seamlessly access millions of Shutterstock images and use [indiscernible] by connecting a Shutterstock Enterprise account or by signing up for one. This partnership underscores Shutterstock's [indiscernible] premier technology partner for market-leading platform with Salesforce and Facebook that recognizes high-quality imagery is the key towards customer success.

Of the many investments we have made in our enterprise strategy this quarter, the most notable was the acquisition of WebDAM, a leading provider of Web-based digital asset management tools. WebDAM provides marketing and creative teams with a cloud-based solution for managing, searching, distributing and collaborating on digital assets. This includes stock and custom images, videos, creative files, documents and presentations. The company's offerings are particularly attractive to large enterprises which make up the majority of WebDAM client base.

The acquisition of WebDAM allows us to deepen our relationships with enterprise customers and to expand our addressable share of wallet to include both the content and the software that our customers need to do creative work. And since the majority of WebDAM's revenue comes from annual or multi-year software-as-a-service commitment, WebDAM will strengthen our base of recurring, predictable high gross margin revenue. We plan to accelerate our investments there.

VideoFort announces new partnership with Shutterstock, Inc.

I ran into the free image site and found out by doing a who is search that the site owner is Shutterstock.

Registrant Name: Domain Administrator
Registrant Organization: Shutterstock, Inc.
Registrant Street: Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Aven

It also looks like Shutterstock's Lead Software Engineer/Technical Manager developed


At Shutterstock, the world's largest micro-stock photography website, I am currently engaged in designing, building and deploying cutting edge websites using open source technologies such as Perl, MySQL and Apache. Accomplishments to date include:

- Development of (, a freely downloadable stock footage web site based on the Shutterstock library.

Does anyone know where they get the images that are provided for free download at

How about a raise Jon, your company, it's investors and employees are prospering.

It is about time you spread the wealth to those of us who helped you become successful. After all you could not have done it without us.

"Among other great benefits, Shutterstock offers competitive salaries, health and dental plans, 401k, company equity, daily breakfasts, weekly massages, discounted gym memberships"

Shutterstock Reports First Quarter 2013 Financial Results
- Quarterly revenue increases 36% from prior year period to $51.1 million
- Adjusted EBITDA increases 136% to $11.8 million
- Quarterly image downloads increase 27% to 22.3 million
- Revenue per image download increases 8% to $2.29
"Shutterstock Reports Third Quarter 2012 Financial Results

Snip "Revenue for the third quarter was $42.3 million, a 36% increase from the third quarter of 2011.  The Company experienced growth in all product lines and in all major global territories.

Financial Outlook

The Company's current financial and operating expectations for the fourth quarter of 2012, full year 2012 and full year 2013 are as follows:

Fourth Quarter 2012
    Revenue of $44 - $45 million

Full Year 2012
    Revenue of $164 - $166 million

Cash as Percent of Total Assets (%) (MRQ) 73.73"
"Year over year, Shutterstock, Inc. has been able to grow revenues from $83.0M USD to $120.3M USD. Most impressively, the company has been able to reduce the percentage of sales devoted to cost of goods sold from 38.99% to 37.83%. This was a driver that led to a bottom line growth from $18.9M USD to $21.9M USD"

"Posted: Tue May 13, 2008

Dear Shutterstock Submitter,

Looking back on the first four months of 2008, we are happy to confirm that demand remains strong for all of our products. As a result, our submitter payouts continue to increase each month, proving again that Shutterstock has become the go-to resource for high quality royalty-free visual content. We thank you for helping us develop one of the strongest libraries in the industry.

We remain committed to providing a strong financial incentive for you to continue to submit your best work, and we are delighted to announce changes in your payout rates. These changes will become effective over the next 12 hours. Heres how they work:

If you have earned $500 in lifetime earnings from Shutterstock, we will increase your payment per Standard License download to 33 per download. This is a raise of 3 (10%) per download over the current applicable rate of 30.

If you have earned $3,000 in lifetime earnings, we will increase your payment per Standard License download to 36 per download. This is a raise of 6 (20%) per download over the current applicable rate of 30.

If you have earned $10,000 in lifetime earnings, we will increase your payment per Standard License download to 38 per download. This is a raise of 8 (27%) per download over the current applicable rate of 30.

If you have not yet reached these earnings levels, the current payout of 25 per download will remain in force. At midnight on the day your earnings hit these levels, you will automatically be upgraded in our system to the higher payout rate, and that rate will apply going forward.

The royalty for Enhanced License downloads will increase to $28 per download for all submitters. This is a raise of $8 (40%) per download over the current rate of $20.

All Referral, Footage, and CD-a-Month payout rates remain unchanged.

Of course, the fastest way to qualify for the higher payout rates is to submit more high-quality content. These earnings levels are not hard to reach as long as you submit your newest and best work to us.

In return, you can expect us to continue our marketing efforts, product development, and the heavy investment necessary to improve our technology. Our new footage subscription products are a great example of how all these things come together successfully, and there are many others in the pipeline. We continue to hire aggressively to improve our already excellent customer support, and we now offer full time support and site translations in eight foreign languages and counting. We will soon be launching beta versions of our French, German, and Spanish translated Submit sites, which will provide an even better experience for our submitters who are native speakers of these languages.

It is our pleasure to offer you this increase -- it is our way of thanking you again for your support, loyalty and, above all, your fantastic content.

Best Regards,


The recent upward trend of threads at Shutterstock and here on the microstockgoup boards regarding an increase in rejections at Shutterstock is interesting.  For that reason I decided to put together a survey that will give us more information in regard to rejections at Shutterstock.  If you are also interested to see if there actually is a new trend in increased rejections please take some time to fill out the online Google spreadsheet form.

Reason For Survey ~ I am curious to see if the rejections at Shutterstock show regional trends?

The questionnaire is entirely anonymous. If you use the form frequently and answer the questions with a red * for each batch you submit that receives rejections; we will ALL have a better understanding of Shutterstock's recent rejections and maybe we can even gather some interesting geographic data during the process.

At the link below you will find the mapped results so far.  The data is not updated on the fly, we entered the latest entries at 7:00 PM 04/28/2011 EST

If you click on the dots you see the following rejection responses that the users of the form were gracious enough to share with us.

Date That You Joined Shutterstock:
Most Prevalent Reason For The Rejections In The Batch:
Have You Experienced An Increase In Rejections At Shutterstock In The Last 6 Months:
If You Answered Yes Do You Feel The Increased Rejections Are Accurate:
Has Your Rejection Rate Increased This Year ~ If So Please Select The Most Relevant Answer:
For Those Of You Who Have Not Experienced An Increase In Rejections ~ Have You Experienced A Decrease In Rejections At Shutterstock In The Last 6 Months:

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