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Interesting comment from another thread by common!

"Having been a microstock buyer, keyworder, photo editor and uploader I'm lucky to have a bit of insight here. And, i would never upload to a site I wouldn't want to buy from. Like Canstock or mostphotos for instance"

Now i wounder which sites do we harm us self by providing to?

I really wounder if its worth while uploading to any other sites than the big 6 and the ones that maybee can make a payout/year with a normal portfolio, around 1000 pics.

2 / Does mostphoto market it self?
« on: April 12, 2008, 14:13 »
I started at mostphotos for about 2 month ago, what i wounder is if they do any marketing at all besides of the ads at "arbetsformedlingen" in sweden. Where they ask photographers to join and get a arena for freelance jobs.

Does mostphoto market it self in any other way?

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