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General Stock Discussion / Can I do microstock? Should I?
« on: April 06, 2008, 09:55 »
Hi everyone.

I'm an amateur photographer, still exploring several subjects of photography.
Ive been looking into microstock photography to offset some of the expenditures of my hobbie. I'll make it clear: I'm not thinking of making a living with photography.
I presently have a Panasonic FZ18 and a collection of roughly 4000 pictures so far.
I've been looking into some microstock sites and the requirements from contributors. It seems that the technical demands are very high.
Very huge files, requiring a lot of pp.

I don't do photographs of people (aside from friends/vacations) or food.
So... I'm inexperienced, have a not so great camera (althouhg I love it) and I dont do many of the more requested subjects...
Should I give it a try anyway? Is there any chance my pictures will be accepted?

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