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Selling Stock Direct / Buying Stock (micro) - License
« on: February 15, 2016, 15:35 »
I'm putting together a photo book and I'm obviously trying to keep costs down. The preferred image license structure would be Extended License RF, which I can get for $35/pic from Fotolia and Dreamstime. I'm starting to run out of image selection and may head to social media to gather up some more photos from undiscovered photographers. What I'm in need of is an iron clad license between our LLC and the photographer to use their photo in the book and have it be extended license to be on merchandise  Is there any license template out there. I've obviously looked and couldn't find one even close enough to tweak.  We're willing to pay for such a template.

Also what is a fair amount? Like I said, the vast majority can be found on microstock at $35/image.  What percentage does micro stock photographers get any more, 40%? For some reason $200/pic is sticking in my head as a good, more than fair amount for our needs, but do you think more or less.  I'd like to go as low as $150, considering a lot of the amateurs nowadays are getting $14/pic for the same type of license we need.


2 / Extended License
« on: January 29, 2016, 12:40 »
I'm looking to buy about 80-100 extended license images.  Does dreamstime have the best prices compared to the other micros?

General Stock Discussion / Getty Images
« on: June 11, 2009, 10:07 »
Alrighty ... so a few months ago I finally upgraded from my old Canon 20D up to a Canon 5dm2.
I really want to merge out of "micro" stock and make more money for my photos. So I've slowly been researching the major stock players.
Does anyone have any experience with Getty or Corbis?
I went to Getty and filled out their application. You have to list a website... and have to have the website on flickr or another site.
I'm wondering if this is really the way to get accepted on Getty? I've had nearly all my photos on flickr, a few thousand. Should I narrow it down to my best 50?? Will Getty really make their decisions on all my photos?
After Getty looks through my photos will they only tell me which certain ones they want. Will I never have the free will to upload to them whatever photo I want. If that's the case I better do a super job having all my flickr photos keyworded well.
Another questions, so I just got back from Asia being there for 3 months and have loads of great photos. Many unique ones, etc. I'm wondering what happens if I start uploading these photos to micro, does that void any chance they will have of ever being on Getty or any of the big ones??

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