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General Stock Discussion / Image Infringement - Advice Needed
« on: August 28, 2014, 16:24 »
Recently found one of my images used in a printed magazine with a print run of approx 1.3 million copies.

User of the image is a national organisation in the UK requiring paid membership, of which I am a member.

Image is available on several ms sites that I submit to, but had never had an EL licence on any of them.

I emailed the editor asking where the image was obtained from, adding that I was unable to find any licence purchase applicable for a print run of this quantity.

Got a very quick reply from the editor advising that the image was obtained from a microstock site (name supplied but not included here) using a standard monthly subscription, and added that after checking they now realized that the image was not licensed for the size of the print run.

They have apologized and asked me to let them know how much to compensate for the image misuse and to provide an invoice so that they can arrange payment.

The image is relatively simple isolated object that was used inside of the magazine at half page size.

If the correct EL had been purchased when the image was downloaded it would have cost them approx 80 GB Pounds (approx $120).

So the question is what would a reasonable amount to request be?

Don't want to be unreasonable and ask for too much but also don't want to ask for too less.

Any advice appreciated.

Just found one of my images in a printed leisure magazine in the UK.

Initially quite pleased to find an image in print, especially when it is in a magazine for a club I belong to and the copy is posted out to members, and was delivered and posted through the letterbox.

Wasnt quite so pleased when I noticed that the magazine distribution is 375,000+ copies. The image is a low selling one and I can only recall ever selling once on shutterstock as a sub sale. Will be going off to check the other agencies that the image is on shortly, but cant recall it selling anywhere else, but not 100% sure.

Bit of advice needed as to next steps - had thought about sending a polite email to magazine thanking them for buying the image and asking where they purchased it from.

Next option would to be contact shutterstock direct and ask them to look into it, but think I need to be quite sure it came from Shutterstock first.

Any help and advice appreciated.

Edit Update: Have now excluded all agencies except Shutterstock and 123Rf - see updated post below.

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