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General - Stock Video / photojpeg quality settings
« on: December 31, 2008, 03:33 »

When I set photo jpeg quality 100% I get huge files (1920x1080 30/frames 5dmk2 ) on expoert. So it is possible to reduce quality to 95% or similar and get files accepted to major footage stocks like Istock, ss, StockXpert? Or should I stick with 100%?

br, Mikko P.


Merry X-mas/happy holidays to everyone!

I got my 5dmk2 few days ago and I'm looking information about software and possible workflow tips to allow me to shoot stock footage with that new camera.

I think I need some kind of editing program and maybe codecs (commercial?) as well. Adobe software(premier) seems to be quite expensive so is there alternative for the editing software. I read Leaf post about different sites requirements, so I need so me work flow tips to get videos to these sites easy as possible. My computer setup (PC-vista64) is quite fast with lot of memory so I think the programs can run fast enough to allow video editing. And of course if there is good to know tips about 5dmk2 video shooting please let me know:).

Thanks in advance,

Best regards : Mikko P.

Off Topic / online printing services in EU
« on: October 07, 2008, 10:20 »

I'm looking high quality online printing lab in EU-zone which will ship printed images to other EU countries (like Finland where I live). I have so far found services like and but I do not know these places (anybody have experienced these ones?). If you know good service lab (high quality, good price value and good customer service) please let me know.  I also looked some services in USA but they are not shipping internationally (like, adoramapix,com etc). If some of these USA phota labs ships as well to EU please let me know. I will mainly print my customers portrait images and I want to get good quality as possible.

Thanks in advance,

br, Mikko

Adobe Stock / Fotolia subs...
« on: May 30, 2008, 02:11 »
Just got email from fotolia:

Everyday we are asked if Fotolia offers a subscription service, when we say no we often lose potential clients. However we are now excited to announce that we will soon have our own subscription service. The Fotolia Subscription is a true revolution for all of us. Together we'll be able to, find new customers and increase our sales volumes.

The remuneration conditions for sales from subscriptions will be different from the traditional system. Each download will generate an income from 0.23 to 0.30 credits according to your rank. Once again, the increased sales volume will increase your income.

By default, all images will be available as part of the Subscription service but it will be possible to switch off this option for exclusive images in the "My Profile" section of your account. According to our analysis, contributors who participate in the Subscription service will see an increase in only a few months so don?t hesitate to try selling images via Subscriptions.

Very low royalty for photographers...

br, MjP

Software - General / backup & vista
« on: January 16, 2008, 11:50 »
I have upgraded my computer (whole system) to Windows Vista 64-bit version few weeks ago and I have to get new backup program, because the latest Nero bundle did not include BackitUp program(which was great).

I need full backup capability with incremental daily backups taken on NAS drive (it can be accessed via mapped samba drive or by over ftp). The system should include verify option to ensure data integrity. The amount of data needed to backup in first place is somewhat 400 gigabytes, and the backup should not be compressed to ensure easy access to backup files (reading too many cases that backups are taken but they are useless or broken since its hard to test actual backuped data).

My backup system includes 1 terabyte NAS drive for backups, USB drive for secure off-site backup(bank vault) (raws&jpegs only).

If there is any good programs please let me know (free opensource or commercial ones)...

Thanks in advance,

br, MJP

6 / Another best strategy thread...
« on: January 15, 2008, 04:44 »
Hi everyone,

I'm looking to best way to get start working with alamy. I have though several ways, but not sure which one will be the best for 1-2 year time line.


I will start producing new higher quality images on specific category only. (I have come to two categories: food and fine dining (including wine, alcohol, gourmet and dining related life style images) or bio technology and biology/medical related images (access to labs etc are possible but may cost some amount of money). I can also finance little bit the image production (e.g. renting probs, hire models, hire chefs etc) but not in massive scale like Yuri like to do :). Quality not quantity is the key and lot of work to do.

and now the questions:

1. Are the selected categories good enough or should I get better focus. I'm familiar with food stuff, but not with medical ones (I have friend who can arrange these things and help me out, but he wants his share of the sales, but thats ok to me).

2. RM or RF or both?

3. If I choose RF, is it still wise to sell same images in with (Finnish) mid-stock company (end user price level is 80-200euros).

4. Selling same images in micros are out of the question ? (downscaled, lowres?)

5. Anything else I should know/remember?

6. Is my current images good enough? (look links to portfolios from signature).

7. Other similar sites?

thanks in advance,


Off Topic / My portfolio website open
« on: November 06, 2007, 03:44 »

Can I ask for your comments and critique about my new web-site (beta stage at the moment).

The site URLs are and .

If you have suggestion or problems connecting or viewing the site please let me know. The server is located in Atlanta/US so it should be fast for US users, but if you use it somewhere else please comment about the connection speed. The site is designed to be a portfolio site,  referral site and blog about my future work on food and still life areas(photography and cooking).

best regards:Mikko Pitknen / MJP-Photographs

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