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1 / DT only taking certain images as sets now?
« on: April 02, 2015, 15:53 »
here is a new rejection reason...

"We are currently only accepting coins/buttons/logos/symbols submitted in sets, not as individual images. Thank you."

I guess selling one image for .35 is just too much now.

I got an e-mail from them...

I got a sub sale for .70 and thought this might actually bring this month up, but then I got one for .35 and figured I guess not - plus I am pretty sure that we don't get 50% from sub sales. If it is like SS - more like 30% Still, it would be nice to get full royalty if I get any sales before it is over.

General Stock Discussion / November Earnings
« on: December 02, 2014, 17:24 »
Since I haven't seen one of these yet and I have added up my totals I thought I'd start one...

November was the worst month for me since Jan 2011.  That is the big picture.

Basically the all of the sites that tend to be very up and down were down (Alamy, Veer, etc.) in fact not a sale on Alamy - although a nice one Dec 1 sort of helps. Then the bigger earners were all so-so months. Not the worst, but not enough to make up for the others. Some of the lower earning sites did quite well, but are such small potatoes that they don't really make much difference. As usual SS is the big kahuna and I had one good week there and the rest were so-so to lousy adding up to being the second worst month of the year there - and since they are around 50% of my totals, that makes a big difference, especially when no other site steps up.

Hopefully December can keep the momentum going before it screeches to a halt for the holidays.

PhotoDune / New Envato terms - what is different?
« on: April 30, 2014, 17:44 »
Hello, does anyone remember what exactly was in the old terms or what has changed in their new terms?

One thing strikes me - 16 e  "You may bear some or all expenses incurred by us in paying monies to you."

does that mean we will have to pay any paypal fees in addition to 67% to them?

Also they can clawback basically any time.

for all I know these were in there before, but I don't know for sure. Any time sites change things they need to post the old and new next to each other or bold any changes. For some reason it seems like every time something changes it makes things worse for us.

5 / DT Christmas present - 50% off, 100% royalties
« on: December 26, 2013, 12:19 »
I don't know if anyone noticed this, but I did get one sale yesterday, and the royalty was higher than normal, so that was nice. here is the notice...

"Santa has got a present for everyone this year, naughty or nice: 50% OFF on all purchases and 100% royalties from all sales on Christmas Day. Plus, you can use our FREE ECARDS to send merry thoughts and festive wishes. Merry Christmas everyone and a wonderful holiday season! - posted by Tangie"

I always felt that if a site wanted to give a discount they should not do it on the backs of the contributors, although I suppose if you were exclusive you might get less for a sale with this scheme. Too bad Christmas isn't a day with a lot of action. I haven't been too happy with most of the changes DT has made in the last few years, but this is something good they did.

6 / I got my first 50% sale at Alamy
« on: January 08, 2013, 00:18 »
It was a nice one too, except for the cut from 60% to 50%. Sigh. Must all sites do this?

I made a set of images that includes all of my images submitted and accepted to SS in 2012. When I look at that set it gives me a $ total in sales.

last Sunday when I looked at sales of new content submitted in the last year, the total was lower than the total for sales of the 2012 set (only by a few $). As I understood the sales for new content it should have included all of the 2012 image sales plus possibly a few from before that, although since I stopped submitting in the middle of Dec in 2011, really the numbers should have been the same.

I asked about this in the "contact us" section at SS and today I got what appears to be a canned response talking about lag between servers and so on.  My sales of new content for the last year $ total has dropped a bit more, and I haven't made any sales of 2012 images since then (another issue).

As far as I can see the $ from sales in the last year should be slightly above or equal to the sales of 2012 images until the start of the new year.

Does anyone else track their 2012 image sales and how do they compare to the sales from new content for the last year?

My last Alamy sale was through a distributor and the distributor got 40%, Alamy got 20%, and I got 40%. The sale price was $49.35 so my cut is $19.74 which still beats most other sites by a mile but it isn't the 60% I know and love. I was wondering how many others have had distributor sales and if they end up being a significant percentage of total sales (this is my first, but I haven't had very many Alamy sales).

Envato / changes to "currently processing uploads" on dashboard
« on: December 12, 2011, 22:05 »
I checked the dashboard to see if there has been progress on reviewing my files and noticed that what used to be a number X out of Y where I assume X related to the position in the queue and Y the total number of items in the queue.

The numbers were interesting in that it showed a number of things.

Reviews weren't being dealt off the "top" of the deck - I had images barely change their number in days while others dropped 10's of thousands and were reviewed in the same time. (another possible interpretation is that these images were dealt out to a slow reviewer who has barely reviewed any images in that time).

The total number of images in the queue gave a relative idea of how long the queue would be.

Now the images have a bar that presumably extends from a short orange bar at first through a yellow section in the middle and green at the right as it gets closer to getting reviewed.

I also see and like the fact that the number of days an image has been waiting are listed. (mine go up to 13 days though) - although plenty have been reviewed in less time.

It would be nice to see the total # of images in the queue though.

Another thing is that the bars do not continue to increase as the time increase but instead some of the older images have some very short bars.

123RF / New property release policy?
« on: October 25, 2011, 10:39 »
Is there a new property release policy? I recently had an image of a power plant rejected for no property release - (this is an exterior view from across a major highway). I looked on the 123 site and in a brief search could not find a power plant image with a property release. On the blog they had some PR guidelines...

"    Any Interior of properties  that is individually owned or by an Organization.

    Places that require an entrance fee (eg ; Museums, War Memorial Sites, Theaters, Music Halls, Performing Art Centers, Amusement Park Rides)

    Any Building Exterior that is famous for its architectural design and is a Main Focus of the Image

    Any property that is governed by its local law or UNESCO World Heritage Committee (exceptions: Statue of Liberty, Big Ben Clock Tower, The Eiffel Tower in the Daytime)

    Statues below 70 years ( built AFTER 1950s)

    Cruise and Cargo Ships with visible logo, initials or numbers

    Paintings, Murals or any kind of artwork (Hand-drawn/painted) by other person(s) and yourself

It seems like the power plant isn't included in this list, but I could be wrong. Pretty much everything that isn't natural or before 1923 but not famous now requires a PR?

This seems like a major policy change if it is in fact true and pretty much limits us to nature pics and nudes.

A while ago (like a year?) the sales stats were removed from the "my images" and "fave images" sections on 123RF. I found this information useful both to see how images were doing and to decide which images to fave/unfave. I would like to know if this information is available somewhere other than adding up individual month sales and if it isn't available somewhere is there any plan to make it so. This seems like an important bit of information for us photographers (and the total $ amounts would be nice too while I am wishing).

I just noticed that the SS darkroom now shows the keywords used to find the images.

It shows the top 5 keywords used and the percentage for each of them. No real surprises in my short look at it, but many many of the searches seem to be just one word as I suspected. Not only because the chances that a multiple keyword search is used enough to show up in the top 5 is lower and because I think buyers tend to try one word, then if they don't see an image they like in the first few pages then they try more words.

In any case, this is more potentially interesting and useful data from SS. Thanks.

13 / DT sales not updating / showing up
« on: April 03, 2011, 13:17 »
I requested a payout at the end of March, so my earnings balance was at 0 at the start of this month. Since then it has gone up a number of times, but only 2 sales show on the image earnings page (the one that lists which images sold and the keywords used). Neither of them have multiple sales for this month. My account statistics page lists 3 sales, but the earnings balance has gone up twice more since those 3 sales. I don't have any referral sales listed and I haven't flagged any images in ages and ages (and besides the amounts are about what one would expect from sales, not just a few cents).

DT was down a bit one of these last days, so maybe it is taking them a while to sync all of the servers, but in the past when sales haven't shown up on the image earnings page, they were always there by the next day.

Has anyone else had this problem?

123RF / temporary stop to uploads, how long?
« on: February 04, 2011, 17:36 »
for the past few days I've gotten this message
"Upload Stopped
Sorry to inform that uploads will be temporarily stopped to facilitate a scheduled maintenance of our storage system. "

when I try to process my ftp images. Do others get this and does anyone know how long this temporary event is?

I realize this might better be answered on a site forum - if they had one.

I used to be able to see the total number of sales when I looked at the "faved" section, but I don't see them there anymore. Were they removed because this allowed people to see sales that weren't reported and paid? Are the totals listed somewhere else?

In any case, this is a useful statistic to me and I would like to know if someone else has found this somewhere, as the site keeps changing and isn't always logical for me.


16 / variations in credit costs and commissions
« on: April 15, 2010, 15:36 »
Because I was curious and couldn't find it easily listed anywhere I went and calculated the range of credit costs and return per credit for sales at Dreamstime. This is for 2010 credits, older credits may be worth more or less. These are for non exclusive images.

maximum cost is 1.25/credit - max return 50% = .62 per credit

minimum cost is .77/credit, min return  30% = .23 per credit

for subs packages the return varies from .35 to 1.05 and the cheapest the buyers could get the images are about .20 per image. The most expensive for maxing out a subscription is around .43 per image. obviously DT is not expecting anyone to use all of their subs.

If I am wrong with my calculations, please correct me.


General Stock Discussion / is this ok? public domain artwork
« on: September 21, 2008, 15:14 »
I saw this on IS:

looks like their portfolio is full of this kind of stuff.

If they let you do that, I'm going to the library for some old books and firing up the scanner. I seem to recall DT removing some Da Vinci stuff someone had posted though.

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