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PhotoDune / Most Wanted: Unstock Photos $5,000
« on: November 04, 2015, 23:11 »

Hi everyone! As a follow-up to the launch of Unstock (Envatos Newest Photo Collection) we wanted to run a contest so all PhotoDune authors have a chance at being part of this new collection.

Weve put up $5,000 in prize money for the best new photos selected for the Unstock Collection.

What You Can Win

Each photo selected for Unstock will win $5 per photo.

Were also running a Best Photo contest where all photos uploaded to the marketplace between November 5th and January 28th will have a chance to win awesome bonus prizes!

The best photos in the following 10 categories will win $500 each:

$500 Prize: Best Happy Holidays Photo
$500 Prize: Best Being human Photo
$500 Prize: Best A way of life Photo
$500 Prize: Best Busy & connected Photo
$500 Prize: Best Life is a journey Photo
$500 Prize: Best Its a wonderful world Photo
$500 Prize: Best Together Photo
$500 Prize: Best Unexpected Photo
$500 Prize: Best Building our world Photo
$500 Prize: Best Details & little things Photo

Read the full announcement here .

VideoHive / Greetings from Envato!
« on: July 21, 2014, 16:46 »
Hi everyone! Josh here from Envato. Many of you might know me from discussions we've had on the PhotoDune board. Im also quite involved with VideoHive and wanted to pop in for a quick introduction. VideoHive is an Envato Marketplace where you can buy and sell royalty-free footage and motion graphics as well as After Effects Project files.

With traffic in the millions, and loads of opportunity for new and quality items, many of our contributors are making 6 figures annually finding the freedom they desire to create and produce what they love and are passionate about.

If you are looking for new and exciting challenges, be sure to check out our Envatos Most Wanted contests where we offer great prizes and cash rewards for items in high demand. In fact, we are currently offering a $5,000 bounty for Trailers created for After Effects, Apple Motion, or Cinema 4D!

We are really excited to have a home here on MicrostockGroup and invite all motion graphics and stock footage junkies to check us out as we are growing fast and always looking for great new contributors!

Feel free to hit me up here, or via my Envato profile if you have any questions, I'm happy to help :)

Envato / Introducing Microlancer! Get an Early Access Beta Invite
« on: February 19, 2013, 07:57 »

Hi everyone, not sure if you've heard, but Collis has just announced some exciting news concerning a new product from Envato. It's called Microlancer and it will be a new way for freelancers to connect with buyers who are interested in getting small-scale creative jobs done simply, transparently, safely and quickly. We have built a platform which allows buyers to easily explore a world of different services they can buy, such as logo customization, photo retouching and many more.

Here is a link to the whole post plus a video from Collis :)

Thanks for your time! - Josh

Hi everyone!

Ive just added a new Beautiful Wedding Photos collection to the featured items area on the PhotoDune home page.


With so many to choose from I wanted to open it up to you fine contributors to have your best Beautiful Wedding Photos added.
If you will send me a link (via my profile) http://themeforest.net/user/JoshuaSprague to one or two of your best wedding related items then I will definitely add them to this collection.

  • Please dont send more than 2 items
  • Dont send me a link to your portfolio for me to choose
  • Please rate the collection

If you dont already have wedding related items in your PhotoDune portfolio, now is a great time to start!

Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/spragueX to be notified of future collection opportunities.
Happy new year! Josh

Envato / New Print Designer Bundle - $500 for $20
« on: October 16, 2012, 09:07 »
Hey guys and gals :)  For the next 7 days Envato is offering a new Print Designer Bundle - Worth $500+ for $20 Only! There are some great items in there especially from our PhotoDune Contributors.

Hey guys and gals!  It's back again, PhotoDune is now offering 50% Marketplace credit back on all purchases for the month of September. This should be pretty nice following on the 70% royalty rate everyone had for the last week :)


Good luck! - Josh

Hello there, I am putting together a collection of fashion, model, and beauty related photos to be displayed on the PhotoDune homepage for the month of august, and though I have hand selected some myself, I thought it might be fun to hit you all up and see if you have any related items in your portfolio that you think would fit along these lines http://enva.to/NozaZW and would like me to add them to this collection.  Should be some good exposure :)

If you do and are interested, send me the link to the item via my profille on photodune - http://photodune.net/user/JoshuaSprague and I will include it in the collection.

Thanks! - Josh

PhotoDune / Input Needed - How to handle Excess Tags
« on: July 31, 2012, 09:27 »
    Hi guys and gals!  Hope all is well :)  In an effort to improve the upload process at PhotoDune.net we are looking at different ways to handle how tags are managed.  Currently we allow 50 tags that are automatically pulled from the IPTC data.  This works well unless your image contains more that 50, in which case you need to go into that image, manually count the tags, and remove the excess via the dashboard, then you can submit the image .  

    A couple imperfect ideas already on the table:

    -Automatically drop any tags past 50. A downside to this is the potential loss of quality tags. (It may be possible to truncate the tags by the inverse of popularity.
    ie. Get rid of tags on imported items that don't show up as often on other items.)
    -Add tag count and allow contributors to pick and choose what tags to remove.
    -As a variation to option 2, add tag count and allow contributors to pick and choose what tags to remove with an option to auto trim to 50 allowing the system to automatically cut to 50 and proceed.

    If you would be so kind, please share your thoughts on this.  How would you like to see this particular area handled?  How are others in the industry doing this better?

    Thanks so much for your time :)



Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying your summer and experiencing some decent sales as well :)  I wanted to pop in to give you a heads up on a sweet event coming up August the 20th at Envato that I think you might be excited about.  Basically it's our birthday, our sixth birthday to be exact, to celebrate we put together a really great bundle of items containing more than $500 worth of the best files our Marketplaces have to offer, for only $20!  

On top of that, from Aug 27-31 all contributors will receive the full 70% commission on all items sold making now a perfect time to signup and get your items approved.

Here is a link to the official announcement: http://notes.envato.com/milestones/envatos-6th-birthday-70-author-commission-birthday-bundle/

You can signup and get started selling here: http://photodune.net/signup/?WT.mc_id=bdaybundlesignup

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Hello all :) I wanted to share a new promotion running on GraphicRiver that might be of interest to you. Basically you Buy royalty-free Vector items on GraphicRiver.net in the month of June (from June 1st to 30th, 2012 AEST inclusive) and at the end of the month well credit back 50% of the total purchase price into your account! Choose from over 18,633 fantastic illustrations, web elements, characters and more some of the best graphic designers in the world

Official post here http://notes.envato.com/general/get-50-marketplace-credit-back-on-all-vector-purchases-in-june/.

Thanks! - Josh

Hey there! Just stopping by to mention that as of a few minutes ago we've launched another Envato'sMost Wanted competition. You can see the announcement here: http://notes.envato.com/general/envato%E2%80%99s-most-wanted-2000-bounty-for-the-first-40-webtech-photo-manipulations/

These are a lot of fun but remember, it's limited to the first 40 submissions so don't wait!


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