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Hi guys,
I've always ask my self this question, What's next? apparently we are the next step in this industry, at least this how I see it!
so like many other members I'm planing to invest in a personal site and I really need your help/opinion..

I like photoshelter but their payment system doesn't suit me( they only offer paypal which isn't an option for me) I also noticed a little delay in their sever (but that's not a big  thing)  so I'm mainly looking for other solutions, like coding my own site from A to Z (hiring a professional of course)
installing my own payment system (some sites like Skrill offers these services)
and getting a hosting plan from a reputable hosting company..

so what do you think? am I going too far?

sorry about my english

my day  two parts, 8 hours in the company I work in, 6 hours at home
6 for bed and the rest on the road

the problem is I can't use my 6 hours in anything except watching tv
any advice for the addicted here  ;D

Illustration - General / How much can I get from this job ?
« on: September 05, 2008, 09:50 »
Hi every one

I began to upload file to SS few days ago, But I wonder is this a real job or it's just an extra income

mean how much can I get from SS ? and finally am I good enough to work in this field?

here is my poor gallery ^^  I'm glad to hear your advices guys

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