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Things sure have changed there. I havent uploaded there for ages. Thought I'd give it a go,  see how it went. 
  Didn't go too well.  Uploaded on Jan 18,  just got reveiwed today, 29th { I used to see a review in a matter of hours at StockXpert}.   Only sent them 3 pix. All three large sellers on other sites.
    All three rejected.  I'm no stranger to rejections and 99.9999999%  of the time, I couldn't care less about them.
     One a shot of a fieldstone bridge in winter. Thanks. Not interested. No problem, I can dig that.  No biggie.
   However,  the second shot was of a dining room table, the third a shot of a brick sidewalk.   Both rejected for need of a property release.  A property release for a table and a sidewalk???   I know I've been out of action for 9 months, but...    what changed?  8)=tom

General Stock Discussion / From SS
« on: August 14, 2009, 08:14 »
Hope I didn't miss this somewhere and I am dupilicating information.


General Stock Discussion / Comprehensive (honest) List
« on: July 29, 2009, 18:59 »
What the.....???  It seems the more I turn around the more I'm finding my stuff all over the place on agencies I've never heard of that turn out to be 'affliated' and 'not affiliated' , partnered, good buddied, knows a guy at such and such a agency...

We need a complete & comprehensive listing by these larger agencies of exactly who they are affliated and where we can expect our pix to show up and how & what we are going to get paid for the stinken things.
    I came across three outfits last night with my pix on, two look like they lead back to FT.  Am I over reacting?  How do we know where its all going?  8)=tom

Up late, surfing the web as I do occassionaly to see what pops up under my name or company... and I come across this.

Photo Club RF stock photo.  Has my pix for sale. At the bottom of the page there is this;
this product uses the Fotolia API, but it is not certified, endorsed or sponsored by Fotolia and Photo Clubs is not affiliated or related to Fotolia.


And at the top there is a shortcut to Fotolia.  What gives? What am I missing? How do I know I'm getting paid?
Hope I haven't missed a thread on this somewhere...8)=tom

I am outgrowing my Excel spreadsheets for managing all my pix, sites and sales. Not to mention, I still keyword and descript by hand...  I need something with some bite to it!  I'm reading about  Extensis Portfolio 8.5,  ACDsee Pro Photo,  MS  Expression Media,  ImageFolio Commerce, GraphicDetail's Thumbs Up, Adobe Lightbox, Canto Cumulus 7.5.... yikes!!!   
  I need some good solid advice and opinions.  What do you use and why?  Are you happy with it?

Off Topic / Your avatar?
« on: October 05, 2007, 16:36 »
So many avatars, so little time to look at them all!  Just an off topic point of curiosity if you have a minute or two.

I find them interesting and I wonder ..... how'd you come to use the one you do?  Does it tell us something about you?  Does it relate to your craft, photography/graphic art?  Is it just a picture you liked?  Are the photo avatars really you?      Or is it ....  "yeah this'll work better than the generic" some random thing you uploaded ?

Also... do you use the same one on all sites or do you change up?

Some are pretty obvious, like Hatman's... others,  make ya wonder..... like, what's that all about?
Any one else have an interest in this?  If so, why is yours what it is?

What sparked me to ask was Leaf.  He just recently changed his to the cow!    Curious!           Got a minute, fill us in on yours!     8)-tom

StockXpert.com / Is StockXpert Down?
« on: February 28, 2007, 17:59 »
I haven't been able to get on StockXpert for 2 days now. Not from mail, not from the web and I can't even get on from the link here on MSG.  I'm getting a 'time out' everywhere I try.   Anyone else having problems?    8) -tom

Adobe Stock / Fotolia problem - TGT
« on: October 30, 2006, 23:37 »
Fellow forum members. The original comments I made here were in reference to a problem I am experiencing with Fotolia. In hindsight, after a night's sleep {and your replies below} I felt the need to remove those words.
      I regret 'flying off the handle".  This was wrong to do. In truth and fairness, I should have given FT an appropriate time to respond to my problem.
      I apologize to Admin, forum members, and Mr. Bridwell of FT.  In the future I will consider a matter with more thoroughness before engaging my mouth via the keyboard here on the forum. At my age, I should know better than to attempt tackling a problem at midnight.
     I appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for your support and advice.  I'll let you know how I make out.

Edit: Tuesday evening EST US:
       While at work I did not have the time to contact Chad by phone today. Yet upon checking Fotolia just awhile ago, I was pleased to see that the problem was corrected and resolved to my satisfaction 100%.  I must concur that the service was exceptional.
      I can see that my original comments were unwarranted. My apologies again to Mr. Bridwell of Fotolia. He was true to his word and I thank him for his efforts.
      Thanks also to berryspun & Leaf and all others for their comments, advice and help.  In the future I will be more prudent in my remarks.
           Sincerely,   Tom.

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